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How a Mendoza maverick mastered vegan winemaking

Cheers are in order for one Angel-funded winemaker down in Argentina. Mendoza mastermind Mauricio Lorca just got certified… …to make vegan Argentinian wine! It’s a special achievement close to Mauricio’s heart that he’s spent the better part of a decade working toward. Now it’s finally official! This certification symbolizes our production and life philosophy, committing […]

Behind the Wine

Tim Olson presents Unti Vineyard Syrah

Tim talks about the Unti Vineyard Syrah that he uses to make The Cooper’s Art Syrah. George Unti comes in too and explains his long working relationship with Tim. I’ve posted about Tim Olson before, but I wanted to feature this longer video with more inside information about the excellent drainage of hilltop vineyards, the […]