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Napa Talk with Scott Kelley

Scott reveals his long love affair with Napa’s forgotten first grape — Pinot Noir.

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Dear winemaker: How do I pick out a wine glass?

Looking to enjoy your wine to the fullest? According to winemaker Alex Farber, it all starts with the right glassware!

Behind the Wine Naked Truth

The winemaker dethroning Willamette Pinot

Scott’s made an Oregon red richer than Pinot Noir – and’s customers are the first to fund it! Scott Kelley is THE Pinot Noir expert who made Robert Mondavi Private Selection and Estancia Pinot Noir for over a decade. His wines have fans all over the country! …But Scott’s passion was to make his own wine […]

Naked Awards

64 MORE wine medals for!

Critics are laying gold medals at your feet! You should be so proud Your winemakers, super-powered by your Angel support, left critics’ jaws on the floor this year — collecting 64 wine medals in the US alone! Earlier this year, 44 of your wines won prestigious medals at the San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition – 1 […]

Naked Contest

The Second Annual Winemaker of the Year is…

We’re proud to announce the winners of the second annual Winemaker of the Year awards! The campaign trail was very exciting. People made shirts and fliers for their favorite winemakers around the office, and we collected thousands and thousands of votes from Angels all around the country. This year’s big title goes to: Matt Parish, […]

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The biggest award in winemaking?

There are many competitions and critics who can give a wine accolades, but how many wine awards result in funding the winemaker’s dream wine? Last year, Carmen Stevens unhooked the 2015 Winemaker of the Year award and won $400,000 to make her dreams come true. Voting is now open for the 2016 Winemaker of the […]

Naked Truth

Proven Pinot Pro: Scott Kelley

Our first ever Oregon winemaker is the perfect Naked story. We are very proud to announce that Angels are investing over a million bucks in our first ever Oregon winemaker: Scott Kelley! He’s a Pinot pro who has spent over 24 years making some of the country’s most famous Pinot Noir brands (Estancia, Robert Mondavi Private […]