Everybody should be able to enjoy Napa Cab

Matt had a dream to make Napa Cab that everybody could enjoy Only a winemaker funded by Angels could make a Napa Cab that tastes this good and costs so little Angel funding gave Matt the power to make the perfect Napa Cab. Big, concentrated ripe fruit and dense with flavor… yum. It’s the kind of […]

Naked Truth

Cult Napa winery selling discounted unlabelled wine?

I saw a story about a cult Napa winery with one of the most famous consultant winemakers, and the best grapes from the best vineyards, and the eye-watering $200-$800 price tags on their bottles…

Behind the Wine

How to rescue a Napa winemaker from an earthquake (HINT: Drink more wine!)

I feel lucky to have made it through the earthquake with my body and wines intact. But many of you asked what we can do to help winemakers affected by the Napa quake. The Napa Earthquake absolutely wrecked Randy’s winemaking dream. Randy Hester, one of our most popular Angel-funded winemakers, has a private side project: a beautiful […]