Behind the Wine

Thank you from the world’s most grateful winemakers

I am so grateful for you — we all are Instead of filling your inbox with zany holiday offers (don’t worry, those are coming, too), I wanted to show you how much your incredible support means to everyone here in the Naked family — including 130 winemakers (and counting). The whole Naked team will be […]


Everybody should be able to enjoy Napa Cab

Matt had a dream to make Napa Cab that everybody could enjoy Only a winemaker funded by Angels could make a Napa Cab that tastes this good and costs so little Angel funding gave Matt the power to make the perfect Napa Cab. Big, concentrated ripe fruit and dense with flavor… yum. It’s the kind of […]

Winemaker Post

Winemaker of the Year announcement

Our Chief Winemaker sent Angels an email on February 19th announcing the Winemaker of the Year competition. This is a contest where 4 winemakers will win $1 million in Angel funding. We use customer feedback and interactions on the site to figure out the best wines of 2015 as well as the winemaker of the year. […]

Naked Truth

How are wine prices calculated?

If you want to know how wine prices are calculated, Jancis Robinson published an article about this – it’s written by our Chief Winemaker Matt Parish. I summarize it here, but if you want the full scoop you need to subscribe to Jancis’ Purple Pages. “Production costs of even the grandest red bordeaux are rarely […]