Behind the Wine Sonoma Winemakers

Watch now: Scott’s Sonoma feature by The New Yorker

This is the story of Scott Peterson – and the moment winemaking met its new model.

Behind the Wine Naked Pairings

A wine drinker’s coffee guide

Coffee? From a bunch of wine lovers? You got that right!

Indie winemaker Tom Shula roasted a limited-edition Bourbon Arabica coffee this year – and it’s an exclusive gift inside Angels’ Gourmet Thanksgiving Case this year.

We sat down (coffee in hand) with Tom to get the full story about this exclusive coffee – and of course, Tom shared his foolproof advice to get most deliciousness out of every drop!

Behind the Wine Naked Truth

Behind the wine with Scott Peterson

Watch this video about Scott’s rescue and unlock $50 off your first order from* It all started with a hope, a dream… and a dog With nothing but a full tank of gas, his pickup truck and a trusty dog a 19-year-old Scott Peterson traveled from Colonial Williamsburg to California in pursuit of winemaking. […]