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Top 10 indie winemakers you need to know

With 80 of the best indie winemakers in the world working here at, getting to know all of them can seem overwhelming at first. The trick is just knowing where to begin… Here’s the ultimate who’s who of 10 (or so) winemakers every newbie should follow from the start. One of the best […]

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Meet Meaghan Hodge

Most winemakers have to start at the bottom to one day make it to the top. 2nd generation winemaker Meaghan Hodge is starting from the top.

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Your 3rd Annual Winemaker of the Year

The competition results are in! Over 8,600 Angels flew to the polls to vote in the 3rd Annual Winemaker of the Year Competition. After an incredibly tight race, the final vote count is in — I’m sure you’re dying to know the winner, so I’ll cut to the chase… The award goes to… *drumroll* Stephen Millier, Winemaker of the Year   […]