Behind the Wine Naked Truth

Serving and storing your wines – the ultimate guide

So you’ve just opened your Naked Wines delivery box – WOOHOO! Your wines are there, nestled in eco-friendly pulp packaging, practically smiling up at you. You reach for a red wine to start, but wait… is that the right move?

Behind the Wine Naked Pairings

The Wine Drinker’s Guide to Ordering In

#TheGreatAmericanTakeout on March 24th is a national event to help the restaurant industry through an economic rough patch.  If you’re in a place to support a local business right now we encourage you to join us in requesting a meal delivery – for you, a loved one, or a group of healthcare workers looking for […]

Naked Behind the Scenes

Ordering wine in Pennsylvania

For the first time since 1920, you can order wine in Pennsylvania and have it shipped to your home! Rejoice! I have some good news for freedom-loving wine drinkers everywhere — the wine shipping laws for Pennsylvania have changed – and we will now ship directly to homes, workplaces, and designated FedEx location for convenient pickup. Woohoo! This […]