Naked Truth

Napa shouldn’t give up on the 99%

There is a real risk that Napa’s success in the luxury market could lead to its downfall – unless companies like take action to stop it.

Behind the Wine

The most exclusive Napa Cabernet Angels ever funded just sold out in 6 days

Ken Deis released a collector’s edition of his Reserve Napa Cabernet — and it sold out in six days… Only 300 cases were ever made of Ken’s 2014 Reserve Cabernet You funded Ken to make Cab from the iconic vineyards that gave Napa its unbeatable reputation… and his face has been plastered with a grin since harvest. […]


Everybody should be able to enjoy Napa Cab

Matt had a dream to make Napa Cab that everybody could enjoy Only a winemaker funded by Angels could make a Napa Cab that tastes this good and costs so little Angel funding gave Matt the power to make the perfect Napa Cab. Big, concentrated ripe fruit and dense with flavor… yum. It’s the kind of […]