Behind the Wine

How a Mendoza maverick mastered vegan winemaking

Cheers are in order for one Angel-funded winemaker down in Argentina. Mendoza mastermind Mauricio Lorca just got certified… …to make vegan Argentinian wine! It’s a special achievement close to Mauricio’s heart that he’s spent the better part of a decade working toward. Now it’s finally official! This certification symbolizes our production and life philosophy, committing […]

Behind the Wine Naked Truth

The world-class Cab Franc you helped rescue

When a Walla Walla vineyard got caught in the middle of a turf war, Dave couldn’t just let the Cab Franc go to waste… especially after one of Washington’s biggest wineries turned their back.

Winemaker Post

Winemaker of the Year announcement

Our Chief Winemaker sent Angels an email on February 19th announcing the Winemaker of the Year competition. This is a contest where 4 winemakers will win $1 million in Angel funding. We use customer feedback and interactions on the site to figure out the best wines of 2015 as well as the winemaker of the year. […]