Naked’s Purpose

Where the world’s best winemakers make their best wine

Powered by the support of 300,000 wine drinkers, the Naked Wines community ensures winemakers get the up-front funding, support, and creative freedom they need to make world-class wines with their unique signature.

Our winemaker-first model proves that the world’s great wines can be an everyday pleasure, not an elite privilege.

Here, every wine is a fair price for our customers, never inflated. We pass every savings onto you!


How our wines stack up

Angels help famous winemakers like Napa Valley’s Matt Parish (former winemaker for Stags’ Leap) produce Double Gold winning, 97% rated Napa Cabernet…

And with customer support, the former winemaker for Rothschild (who calls Vertus Champagne home) crafts Best in Class Moulin Champagne Rosé, year after year.

Naked has hundreds of success stories just like these, and it’s all because of Angels.

Our customers have made truly incredible wines possible, from the legendary producers behind Silver Oak, Beringer, Domaine Chandon, Schramsberg, Mumm, Robert Mondavi, Penfolds Grange, and Stags’ Leap, to mention a few.

This wine community is the best (just ask USA TODAY!)

And not only do our customers support the world’s best winemakers, giving them the support they need to enhance their craft – they’re changing wine communities for the better along the way.

Naked’s Angels have proudly raised over $1 million for wildfire relief efforts with the Cellar Crew and $100,000 for Daryl & Colby Groom’s groundbreaking medical research fund.

They’ve helped Carmen Stevens provide millions of meals for children in South Africa, and even rebuilt a school in Northern California.

And with The Roots Fund, they’ve joined us to challenge the lack of diversity in the wine industry, building a winemaker scholarship program at UC Davis and pledging $500,000 in support of BIPOC initiatives to start.

How it works:

  • Customers set aside $40 a month to spend on our exclusive wines — we call them Angel investors.
  • The money builds up in their accounts until they order wine. We call it a wine savings account. It’s their money – and they use it to order what they want whenever they want.
  • While the money sits in their account, we invest in independent winemakers around the world.
  • The winemakers think it’s brilliant because they get funding AND they know exactly who is going to buy their wine – their Angel investors.

This direct relationship between wine drinker and winemaker cuts out a lot of traditional industry costs like sales, marketing and financing, so the winemakers get to offer customers a savings of up to 60% off some stunning world-class wines. And they’re all exclusive to the Angels who make them happen! Pretty cool, right?

Having fun is a prerequisite

The traditional wine industry takes itself too seriously. We believe that all you need is a glass and some good friends to enjoy wine – no pretension required. So grab a glass of wine, kick back, and enjoy making great wine possible. You’re empowering incredible winemakers every time you shop.

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harwell f smith
harwell f smith
3 years ago

What is the story on Naked Wines? I would like to read a piece on how you got started,how you are organized,etc. Are you grower owned? Is each wine bottled by the farmer as an arm of Does every grower contribute to a marketing budget? Is it a franchise sort of operation? Does Naked Wines manage each winery for the wine producer? Do the wineries sell exclusively to Naked Wines? There are lots of questions like this that I would like to see revealed in something I can read.

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