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10 Wines You Need To Build The Perfect Library

So you’re out to build your dream wine library.

For that, you need wines that are built to age. Lucky you! – we’ve got the 10 best bottles to get you started.

So you’re out to build your dream wine library.

For that, you need wines that are built to age… lucky you, we’ve got the 10 best bottles to get you started.
Aging wine is a science — a delicious equation of expertise and patience. Here to explain is Naked’s own Napa pioneer Rudy Von Strasser.
These are just a few of the exclusive wines Angels fund that get even better with time. They smooth out, develop rich bottle-aged flavors and turn into true treasures.
Read on for our top picks for your personal library and don’t miss our Ultimate Serving and Storing Guide for the tips and tricks to age your wines like a pro!


Rich, classic Napa Cabernet

This wine will continue to improve for at least 10 years in the bottle. My favorite time to drink it would be around 2026.

– Winemaker Rudy Von Strasser

A good rule of thumb for aging – the bigger and bolder the wine, the better its flavors can evolve for years and years to come. When you’re thinking big and bold, Napa Cab should be right at the top of the list.

This top-shelf Cabernet is flush with rich fruits – fresh plums, raspberries, and dark cherries galore! It’s oh-so-velvety with a long, lavish finish.


Rioja Gran Reserva

This Rioja will age for at least another 15 – 16 years.

– Winemaker Rodolfo Bastida

In Rioja – Spain’s claim to fame region where rich Tempranillo is king – they don’t allow any old wine to be called Gran Reserva. To achieve this status the wine has to be aged at least 5 years, including at least 2 years in barrel and 2 more in bottle.

This robust red is a refined Spanish classic from Rioja star Rodolfo Bastida, and the best part – the aging is already done for you!


Barrel-aged Sonoma Pinot Noir

This Pinot will age well and be great in 5 years and probably best consumed within 10 years, although at that stage it will still be very drinkable.

– Winemaker Daryl Groom

Next stop: Russian River Valley, for a silky-smooth red crafted from a series of vineyards in Sonoma’s prime-time Pinot region, hand-selected by the legendary Daryl Groom.

Barrel-aging in French oak gives this red its satiny richness and helps set up its flavors for at least another decade of aging.


age-worthy Chablis

This crisp white can be enjoyed young, but hold on to it if you can, as it’ll evolve perfectly for up to 5-8 years.

– Winemaker Benjamin Laroche

Looking for a white wine you can put away – look no further than Chablis, the signature white wine of France’s iconic Burgundy region.

Crisp and lively now, this elegant white has the structure to age for the better part of a decade.



This elegant red will age well for up to the next 15 years.

– Winemaker Benjamin Darnault

Wander down from Chablis and before long you’ll wind up in the Rhône Valley, home to legendary Châteauneuf-du-Pape – a small sliver of southern France world-famous for rich and regal Grenache blends.

Big, juicy, full bodied and savory, this red is fresh and enjoyable now — but will only get more delectable with age.


Dry, vibrant German Riesling

This Riesling has the potential to age for 10 years and more.

– Winemaker Gerd Stepp

World-class German Riesling is well-known for its aging potential, and Gerd Stepp is your go-to expert in Germany’s prestigious Pfalz region.

Pro tip: stock up on a few bottles and enjoy its ripe apple and juicy peach character now, then revisit this German gem in a few years time for a smoother set of honey and butterscotch flavors – you can thank Gerd later.


Rare, cellar-aged Super Tuscan

This red can continue to be cellar-aged for decades.

– Winemaker Stefano di Blasi

Meet the Super Tuscan. This bold blend of Cab Franc, powerfully smooth Cabernet Sauvignon and juicy Merlot is the kind of red wine that upended centuries of tradition in Tuscany and reinvented Italian wine for good.

Your own Tuscan icon Stefano di Blasi helped lead the charge with some of the region’s most famous wineries. Now he makes signature, age-worthy reds like his Poggio di Guardia just for Angels!



Our LBV is ready to enjoy now, but it will get smoother and build more complexity over the next 10 years – and you can easily enjoy it over the next 15 years.

– Winemaker Oscar Quevedo

No library is complete without one of the world’s most famously age-able wines – we’re talking of course about Port. As a fortified wine, Port’s higher alcohol content means it can age for much, much longer than your average table wine.

Angels fund a legacy family in Portugal’s Douro Valley, the capital of Port country. With 100+ years experience making high-end Port, the Quevedo family are the ultimate experts in their field. Port doesn’t get more picture-perfect than this.


TAWNY Port – aged 10 years

After aging for around 10 years in cask, this Port is ready for drinking once it reaches your table.

– Winemaker Oscar Quevedo

Or, if you’re hankering for a Port that’s been through a decade of aging already – the Quevedos have that too!

Tawny Port is the cask-aged version of Port and after a decade spent in special oak casks, this fortified red has a subtle nutty character and seriously elegant flavor.


Dazzling vintage Champagne

This Champagne can be aged 10 years or more without any problems and will become even more complex with the additional aging.

– Winemaker Jean Phillipe Moulin

Starting with flawless Chardonnay grapes, JP handled the fruit as little as possible and used meticulous production techniques to craft you one of the most high-end Champagnes imaginable.

Now, after 8 years of aging, this unbelievably elegant French sparkling is all yours to enjoy.

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