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Naked wins third consecutive Best Wine Club Award

Independent winemaker collective voted 2021’s “10Best” Wine Club by USA Today

That’s a medal sweep for the history books.

Naked winemakers Rudy Von Strasser, Matt Parish and Camille Benitah toast with an exclusive collection of independent wines over 300,000 Angels made possible.

As a Naked Wines Angel, your bragging rights are impressive.

First, you help independent winemakers break out of a restrictive three-tier selling system to become successful entrepreneurs of their own.

Next, you support the creation of hundreds of world-class wines (from famous regions and underground vineyards, too!) a year – for the fairest prices imaginable.

And now… you’re part of the country’s Best Wine Club – an official title given to you by tens of thousands of voters from USA Today. And you’ve clinched it in 2019, 2020, AND 2021.

Naked Wines Voted USA Today’s “10Best” Wine Club in 2019, 2020 & 2021

You’re officially The Best… again!

This is the third consecutive win for the biggest independent winemaker collective in the country…

… and an incredible moment for small, family-owned wineries, 80+ winemakers, and wine drinkers around the world.

You’re a great bunch

You’re not afraid to challenge industry norms, crowdfund truly unique, world-class wines – or help winemakers stick up for what’s right. And it shows.

Jen Pfeiffer
Naked winemaker Jen Pfeiffer knows a great bunch when she sees one. Harvesting Shiraz from her Victoria, Australia crushpad.

What makes the “Best Wine Club” in the USA?

USA TODAY starts by asking a panel of wine experts and master sommeliers.

That panel is responsible for selecting a total of 20 nominees – including the largest and most established wine clubs in the US.

…and the nominators are a big deal. These are professional wine educators, prominent food and drink journalists, and editors…

… and once they determine the first set of nominees, they open up the vote to the wine drinkers like you!

10Best Readers and wine drinkers voted for who they thought offered the best wine selection, the best customer experience, stories, and value for money.

On August 23, 2019, August 21, 2020, and August 13, 2021, America went Naked.

Thank you for making us so proud.

This has everything to do with you, and the incredible support of your community.

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You people have done an astonishing job of making quality wines available to a broad spectrum of wine appreciators. Your recommendations and ratings have been a source of education for my husband and myself. Thank you.

Congratulations of winning best wine club for 2021. I just signed up in September of this year and have been thoroughly impressed with the quality of wines I have received, the prompt delivery service and your company’s philosophy on how to support independent wine growers. Keep up the good work and happy drinking everyone.

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