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Naked officially named 2020’s Best Wine Club – by USA TODAY is the most decorated club in America, with back-to-back Best Wine Club awards from 10Best Readers and USA TODAY.

Today is an incredible day for small, family-owned wineries, the world’s best winemakers, and wine drinkers around the world.

You’ve made us the Best Wine Club in the USA… two years in a row!

Winemaker Alex Farber pops open celebratory Wayne Donaldson sparkling. Photo by Emma K. Morris

Bust out the Best in Class wines!

From an incredible list of the nation’s top wine clubs, USA TODAY 10Best Readers just voted the Best Wine Club in the USA. 

This win just made us the most accoladed wine club in America – 2020’s award is a back-to-back award!

And that has everything to do with you, and the incredible support of this community. wins the "Best Wine Club in America" title from USATODAY
A panel of experts partnered with 10Best editors to pick the initial nominees, and the top 10 winners were determined by popular vote.

What makes the “Best Wine Club” in the USA?

For the folks of USA TODAY, it’s a panel of wine experts and master sommeliers.

Those folks are responsible for selecting a total of 20 nominees – including the largest and most established wine clubs in the US.

These nominators are a big deal in the wine world-famous somms (read: professional wine tasters), prominent food and drink journalists and editors.

… and once that happens, they open it up to the wine drinkers like you!

USA TODAY opened the vote up to the public, asking wine drinkers and readers across America.

10Best Readers and wine drinkers like you voted for who they thought offered the best wine selection, the best customer experience, the best stories… and best value money.

On August 23, 2019 and August 21, 2020 – the world discovered what we already knew: is the best wine community in the business.

With wine drinkers like you by our side, really is changing the way great wines are made.

Former winemaker of the year Carmen Stevens visits a local school in Stellenbosch, South Africa. To date, her soup kitchen has provided over 1 million meals to schoolchildren with the support of Angels and the Carmen Stevens Foundation

You not only give independent winemakers the freedom to make great wines – but you also support incredible causes.

This year, you’ve invested $5 million into COVID impacted wineries across the nation. And that’s keeping family-owned and small wineries afloat.

And along the way, you’ve helped grow our community to 300,000 Angels.

That’s how many wine drinkers are supporting the future of winemaking – and the most talented producers in the industry!

The “Cellar Crew” winemaking team at the Angel-funded wine studio in Kenwood, CA, works on hundreds of projects each year, including their own blend, Cellar Cru, which has helped raise over $800,000 for fire relief.

…this crown is yours. Thanks for making us so proud.

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Mark Tocci
Mark Tocci
3 years ago

The Best Wine Club in the World! Come on board please, and commit to helping amazing winemakers who do amazing things for their communities…..Cheers!

Julio C Zangroniz
2 years ago
Reply to  Mark Tocci

I’d like to learn more about the Ana wines, particularly the whites. Can you forward me some info via e-mail? Thank you in advance!

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