Serving and storing your wines – the ultimate guide

Published by The Naked Narrators - 12th Aug 2020

Whether you’ve just gotten your very first box of Angel-funded wines or your 50th, the first reaction is always the same – woohoo!

Especially if it’s your first stash of wines, your next reaction may be: now what?

We’ve all been there – you’ve got a case full of glorious wines and a bounty of flavors just waiting to shine, but what do you do with them before, during and after drinking to make the most of every bottle?

Fun fact: Your winemakers give advice for how to serve and store every wine…

Simply scroll down each wine’s website page and you’ll find it just past the wine description.

Here, Ondine Chattan explains a bit about her 90+ rated, Double Gold-winning Russian River Valley Chardonnay

definitely a white wine you want to taste to the fullest.

Here, Daryl Groom says to get the most out of his Best of Class-winning Russian River Valley Pinot Noir

…you should actually chill it in the fridge for just a few minutes before enjoying it.

Storing your wines

So you’ve just opened your box and your wines are there, practically smiling up at you. You reach for a red, but wait…

This extra little bit of waiting is most important for your red wines, which have their best results in about 5-7 days after you get them.

You read somewhere that you should let your wines rest a little after their journey to your door – and you absolutely should.

The good news is your white wines are ready to sip almost right away. Give them about a day just to be safe, then work on those for the next few days while you wait for the reds to be ready!

Keeping your wines in the best possible shape really comes down to one thing: Finding the right space.

You don’t need a wine cave (though having one never hurt) – you just want to make sure you have a cool space, with stable temperatures and as little direct light as possible.

Pro tip: lay each bottle on its side. Leaving your bottles upright makes the cork dry out faster and shrink, which lets more oxygen seep in, aging the wine faster than you want. Laying your bottle on its side helps keep the cork moist and full, which lets just a little bit of oxygen seep in to age your wine at just the right pace.

Serving advice

The right temperature can make all the difference

You want the fruitiness of your reds to shine. This comes out best when served at room temperature (but you can also cool them down for just a bit in the fridge)…

For white wines, their crispness and more delicate fruit flavors show off best slightly chilled, so plop your bottle in the fridge for a bit before popping that cork or twisting off that screwcap. (You can even put it in the freezer for just a few minutes if you’re short on time.)

Or, if you’re feeling adventurous, you can even chill it with ice cubes made of wine! Just freeze a little wine in an ice cube tray beforehand and plop a few in your glass!

Then there’s the glass.

Just remember – for reds, go bigger. Wider glasses will help the intense aromas of a Cab or Zin open up in the glass. They’ll also help the wines actually feel smoother as you’re sipping.

For white wines, smaller glasses are your best bet. You want to let the flavors open up a bit, but not as much as a big, bold red. Smaller glasses help lighter wines stay nice and crisp from start to finish.

Looking for an ideal in-between? Check out these special Angel-edition Riedel stemless glasses on the site – they’re the perfect fit for your Angel-funded reds, whites and even sparkling wines!

Finally, let it breathe…

You’ve waited a few days to get your delivery, you’ve let the wine rest a little after shipping, now you’re finally about to indulge – but waiting just a few more minutes will make a world of difference

Then the only thing left is to cheers!