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How a Mendoza maverick mastered vegan winemaking

Cheers are in order for one Angel-funded winemaker down in Argentina.

Mendoza mastermind Mauricio Lorca just got certified…

to make vegan Argentinian wine!

It’s a special achievement close to Mauricio’s heart that he’s spent the better part of a decade working toward. Now it’s finally official!

This certification symbolizes our production and life philosophy, committing ourselves to the environment and being respectful of nature and all living beings.

– Mauricio

Now, you may be thinking: wait, isn’t all wine vegan? It’s plant-based after all…

Well, yes and no.

Yes, it’s all plant-based. But, a lot of wine is actually made using some sort of animal byproduct.

See, there’s a stage of winemaking called “fining”, where additives that use animal-based products (like egg whites or fish byproducts) are introduced to the wine to filter out certain particles.

Without fining, wines would end up looking murky and not nearly as clear and tempting as you’re used to seeing them.  

But when you grow grapes as well as Mauricio does, the truth is you just don’t need as many extra steps in the winery.

To make the very best vegan wine, Mauricio says, everything begins in the vineyard. “With the highest quality grapes …the wines naturally do not need any kind of additive.”

With the support of his Angel community at, Mauricio was able to perfect how he grows pristine Uco Valley reds and whites – especially his world-famous powerhouse Malbecs. After that, removing or substituting animal-based treatments from his winemaking was the easy part.

It’s winemaker dreams like Mauricio’s that over 200,000 Angels are helping to make a reality every vintage, all over the world. That’s what is all about.

“I want to be a winemaker committed to the health of the people who reward me by buying the wine we make.”

If you have a moment, help Mauricio celebrate this winemaking milestone and go congratulate him over on his wall!

And if you’re curious about other Angel-funded vegan and vegetarian wines at, take a peek at the complete list here.

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