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Giving back in a time of COVID – two winemaker videos tell the tale

With over 200,000 Angels behind them, these two winemakers can take the endless generosity of the community and pay it forward where it matters most right now – back into their own communities.

From Willamette Valley to the hills of Alentejo, these two winemakers are doing a world of good  

Winemakers Chris Baker and Luís Vieira may be 5,000 miles apart, but their hearts are in the same place.

With over 200,000 Angels behind them, these two winemakers can take the endless generosity of the community and pay it forward where it matters most right now – back into their own communities. 

After taking care of the basics by getting safety precautions in place to keep their wineries up and running and their workers employed, these two winemakers have even been going above and beyond to improve life for those out on the healthcare frontlines.

But each winemaker will be the first to tell you – none of it would be possible without Angels. So they’re taking a brief moment to give a personal thanks to this endlessly compassionate community, and to gift Angels some of their very best wine…

In Oregon’s Willamette Valley, winemaker Chris Baker is keeping his winery going strong — and offering Angels his award-winning Pinot Gris as thanks for making it all possible.

In Portugal’s sunny Alentejo region, winemaker Luís Vieira is keeping spirits high, with his winery and vineyard operations still going strong. Now he’s gifting Angels a bottle of his famous Montaria Reserva Lente.

Helping healthcare providers on the frontlines

As Luís says, his company Parras Wines has been donating supplies to local hospitals and helping them afford much-needed ventilators.

“At this sensitive moment that we live, it is time to be reborn, think about our future and pray for ourselves and for all the professionals who work at the forefront of the battle, so that we never lack health.”

– Luís

In the US, Chris has been getting love straight from the frontlines for the comfort his Pinot Gris brings after a long hospital shift.

“Fantastic Pinot Gris! I truly enjoyed it and have the 2018 vintage in the fridge to try out in the next couple of days after another long shift at the hospital. Chris, thank you for making such great wines for the Angels!”

Archangel Sarah S.
Now Luís and Chris want to give Angels their choice of a gift bottle this month, as a small token of thanks

Chris Baker Willamette Valley Pinot Gris 2019

Chris used Angel funding and his deep connections across Willamette Valley to source only the highest-end fruit and craft it into this scintillating white, loaded with layer upon layer of lush, fruity complexity.

Read more…

Montaria Reserva Lente 2017

This intense Portuguese red blend is elegance in a bottle, humming with endlessly decadent fruit, plus a refined, silky smoothness that makes it nearly impossible to put down.

Read more…

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Islarene Amantea
Islarene Amantea
4 years ago

Thank you both for your generosity to the frontlines. As a nurse, I know how much it is appreciated. Stay safe stay well!

Armando Llanes
Armando Llanes
4 years ago

Thanks for sending this information. I received today my two case wine order for this month and which included 2 bottles of Chris’s Pinot Gris. I can’t wait to try it this week end. As for Luís Vieira’s Montaria I also got a bottle, and I am a repeat customer of Luis’s wine. Luís a message for you “ Obrigadinho pela géstao que voce faz con o povo neste tempo difícil” I hope Luis I did not forget my Portuguese from the three years I lived in Lisbon and in Oporto! Thank you Naked Wines for being the catalyst that allows us members to support these kind of community conscious wine Growers!

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