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A world of thanks from Sam Plunkett

As Sam would say: “It’s been quite a year”

How does an independent winemaker caught in some of the biggest back-to-back challenges of his whole career keep it together without skipping a beat? 

It’s simple – just 200,000 Angels.

As harvest wraps in Australia, Sam Plunkett’s taking stock of everything he’s been through this past year. Long story short – it’s been a doozy.

Through it all, he’s kept calm and chipper, because if you know Sam, you know he’s always going to find the silver lining in anything he’s faced with.

From fighting off some of the worst wildfires in Australia’s history, to dealing with a drought that’s cut vineyard yields in half, to recently shutting down his winery’s tasting room amid the COVID-19 outbreak – Sam and his winery are coming out strong, and it’s all thanks to you.


With funding and support from a community of over 200,000 wine lovers, Sam never has to worry about making his bottom line even in the toughest of times.

And with Angel support keeping his winery up and running at the most crucial time of the year, the Naked community means more to him now than ever before – so he’s giving Angels a special thank you gift this month to let you know he’s rallying right beside you. 

Sam’s rallied in the past and with your help, he’ll get through this too

Day-to-day, in true Sam fashion, he’s taking on the current health crisis with all his usual optimism and high spirits.

At the moment, the winery that Angels helped him start up in his small Australian hometown of Seymour is temporarily closed after a run-in with COVID-19 in early March. As Sam tells it, A nice fella came through the cellar door who later tested positive.

Of course, after taking every precaution and working with the Department of Health, ever-thoughtful Sam was sure to follow up with the affected guest and says, “We understand that he’s on the mend.” 

While the tasting room is closed for now, the winery side of things is humming away with the usual hustle and bustle of harvest, or “vintage” as Sam calls it. He even shared this update from the cellar:

“I know our winemaking world is insignificant compared to the health crisis,” Sam humbly says, “but the crew and I hope we can get a crop in and packed down before the next escalation in dealing with the pandemic.”

This year would have been impossible without you – so Sam’s giving Angels some of his finest wines (like his exquisite Viognier and world-famous Shiraz) this April

Sam’s the first to admit, in a world without Angels, these would be pretty dire times. But no matter what calamity he’s facing, he knows you’ve got his back. With that weight off his shoulders, he never has to worry about anything other than the quality of his wines, no matter what comes his way. 

For Sam, a gift right now is the perfect way to let Angels know how much they mean to him and that no matter the distance or challenge, he’s here for you as much as you are for him.

Read more about your gifts below – if you’re a current Angel with, one will already be in your basket! For customers who are eligible to receive Australian wines, we picked between Sam’s white or red depending on what you’ve enjoyed in the past. Take yours home when you check out with 11 bottles or more, or swap to a different bottle on your profile.

This 90% rated red masterpiece isn’t just Sam’s signature wine and one of his favorite varietals – it’s the top Angel-funded Australian Shiraz of all time. It’s luxuriously layered with decadent dark fruit flavors and a sultry smoothness that over 14,000 Angels have fallen in love with. For one of the finest red wines Down Under, look no further! Read more…

Craving a Viognier crafted with all of Sam’s trademark elegance and finesse? He’s got you covered, with one of the finest white wines on his side of the equator. With Angel funding, Sam was able to source high-end fruit straight from a famous estate in Sam’s home region of Victoria. Crisp, refreshing and buzzing with lush, lively flavors of peach and apricot, it’s no wonder this gem has risen to be Sam’s #1 white wine among Angels! Read more…


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