ZOOM around 15 indie vineyards

Published by The Naked Narrators - 30th Mar 2020

Next time you say hello to a friend, do it with a picture from wine country!

📸Scroll down to download vineyard Zoom backgrounds – from the winemakers at nakedwines.com

Staying safe at home is a beautiful thing.

In case that’s hard to remember today, your winemakers want to send you some fresh air…

…from vineyards around the world!

These days Zoom video chats are popular with loads of companies, families and friends.

Video conferencing is a great way to set up remote meetings, or send a friendly hello…

Why not send your next “hello” from a virtual vineyard?

Get a little fresh air at home
with one of 18 vineyard scapes

Sending love from the snowy vineyard rows of Mendoza, Argentina

📸 nakedwines.com winemaker José Hernandez Toso

the gorgeous Wairau Valley, New Zealand

📸  nakedwines.com winemaker Nicky Parish

windswept hills of Carcassonne, France

📸 nakedwines.com winemakers Ryan and Joe O’Connell

vineyard rows of Paso Robles, California

📸  nakedwines.com

the fog-crested mountains of Umpqua Valley, Oregon

📸 nakedwines.com winemaker Scott Kelley

the perfectly green slopes of Sonoma Valley, California

📸 nakedwines.com winemaker Franc Dusak

dusty vines near the delta in Clarksburg, California 

📸 nakedwines.com winemaker Alex Farber (and photography assistant Fletcher the Doodle)

the view from an afternoon walk in Minervois, France

📸 nakedwines.com winemaker Benjamin Darnault

the golden sunshine of El Dorado, California

📸 nakedwines.com winemaker Matt Parish

the “magic hour” of sunset in Napa’s Carneros region

📸 nakedwines.com

painter’s layers of clouds and sun from Languedoc-Roussillon, France

📸 nakedwines.com winemaker Benjamin Darnault

fresh blossoms (bud break) in Maipo Valley, Chile

📸 nakedwines.com winemaker JP Lacaze

an abundant grape harvest in Alentejo, Portugal

📸 nakedwines.com winemaker Luis Vieira

views of the snowcapped peaks of the Andes in Uco Valley, Argentina

📸 nakedwines.com winemaker Mauricio Lorca

paradise on the other side of the world in Victoria, Australia

📸 nakedwines.com winemaker Jen Pfeiffer

a creative “working from home” setup – Jen Pfeiffer’s Barrel Room in Victoria, Australia

📸 nakedwines.com winemaker Jen Pfeiffer

sprinklers giving vines a cool-down in Sonoma’s Russian River Valley 

📸 nakedwines.com winemaker Ondine Chattan

…and a basket of fresh-picked Sangiovese from vines in Tuscany, Italy

📸 nakedwines.com winemaker Stefano di Blasi

or take a ride in a tricked out vineyard cart with Scott in Sonoma!

📸 nakedwines.com

PS – There’s picture tech support on standby

If you need help making one of these vineyard images your Zoom background, no problem.

Click here to see instructions.

We can smell the crisp air already…

Thanks to Canva for the great layouts.

If you’re inspired, they make it really easy to make custom backgrounds too.