Behind the Wine Naked Pairings

The Wine Drinker’s Guide to Ordering In

#TheGreatAmericanTakeout on March 24th is a national event to help the restaurant industry through an economic rough patch. 

If you’re in a place to support a local business right now we encourage you to join us in requesting a meal delivery – for you, a loved one, or a group of healthcare workers looking for a little comfort today and in the months ahead.

While you mull over the decision to grab ramen, fried chicken or a slice from your favorite pizzeria, scroll down for a cheat sheet of the best wines to take out… while you order in.

If you’re craving crispy buttermilk fried chicken…

Try: Brut Sparkling, French Rosé

Save the crunch for the drumstick (not your wallet) and opt for a crisp glass of affordable French Rosé or Brut bubbly – like this former Mumm winemaker’s sparkling new release for

We recommend a bottle of sparkling Brut Rosé or this customer-favorite still Rosé from Loire Valley.

For rich curries, spicy stews or chicken tikka masala

Try: Washington Riesling

Call up your favorite Indian spot pop open a chilled Washington Riesling and get ready for an ahhhh-some night. Columbia Valley winemaker Katy Michaud swears up and down that a northwest riesling is a match made for cream sauces with a kick of heat and spice. “Goes great with a spicy curry!” she says.

Hungry for tacos to-go?

Try: Portuguese Alvarinho

It’s pretty hard to beat refreshing, ice-cold cerveza on Taco Tuesday – but winemakers know that zippy, fruit-forward whites can balance the flavors of marinated meats, crisp tortillas, fresh salsas and peppery heat way better than your average beer.

Taco in one hand, a chilled glass of Portuguese Alvarinho in the other – and you’re golden. Trust us. Douro Valley winemakers Oscar and Claudia Quevedo have just the crisp and refreshing ticket.

PRO TIP: Ask your local taqueria if they have any delivery specials on the menu! Rumor has it local Napa locations are offering build-your-own-taco kits. Genius.

If you’re ready to sashimi the night away

Try: California Chenin Blanc

Put your chopstick skills to the test with an order of your favorite sashimi and whitefish sushi – like a Yellowtail Jalapeño roll – and creamy white to match! Reward yourself after each successful bite with a sip of creamy Chenin Blanc, like Alex Farber’s Best of Class winner.

Ready to call the pizza guy?

Try: Red blends, Zinfandel, Shiraz… and when the pizza calls: Pinot Grigio

The wine you need for a pizza pie all depends on those toppings. One wine does not fit all (but hey, most wines will be delicious with a slather of tomatoes and gooey cheese.) We’ve itemized our recommendations:

Four Cheese

In this case, go for something that brings out an earthy and herby flavor- consider the wine an additional topping for a bare-bones (but delicious) pie like Willamette Pinot Noir.

BBQ Chicken

BBQ can be sweet, sour, and everything in between. Give it a red wine that cuts in with a bit of rich cream but still has plenty of vibrant fruit flavor – like our Winemaker of the Year’s Reserve Zinfandel.


Classic Margherita needs a light-bodied red or crisp white that complements its light and fresh flavors. You really want to taste the fresh basil, the drizzle of olive oil, and the perfectly charred crust. In this case, we’d opt for Pinot Grigio. 


A white with plenty of citrus & acid will bring out the “pepper” in “pepperoni” like Stephen Millier’s Angels Reserve Shiraz.

Classic Combination

Bring on the sausage, peppers and salami – and take along a well-rounded Italian red for the ride. We chose Stefano di Blasi’s Toscana red. It’s equal parts rich and rustic – to give your pizza the Italian inspiration it needs!

Or a juicy cheeseburger with all the fixins

Try: Napa Cabernet Sauvignon

There’s something missing from your flame-kissed hamburger, slathered in sauce and spilling over with crisp lettuce, super-ripe tomatoes and gooey cheddar cheese…

It’s Cabernet. Seriously. Put a napkin on your lap (you’ll thank us later – for saving you from that spill of ketchup… or wine) and dive in. It’ll be a battle to decide what’s meatier  – a rich glass of Napa Cab flooded with charred oak flavor or that grilled patty on the side. 

Pair a good old fashioned cheeseburger with Cab – or, if you’re craving a fresh catch, a seared Ahi or fish burger is dynamite with a big glass of bubbly.

If you’re craving a cupcake, chocolate nibble, or slice of pie…

Try: Champagne

Start the morning with a croissant – cap off lunch with a frosting-covered cupcake – end your evening with a freshly-baked pie! Diners and bakeries across the country are offering to deliver their goods to keep a smile on your face.

No question here  – when it comes to indulgent pastry, look no further than an indulgent flute of champagne. Best served with opera gloves and Breakfast and Tiffanys on standby. 

Need a glazed donut? Scoop up a special style of Viognier…

For glazed donuts in particular – opt for a late harvest Viognier. It’s the perfect sumptuously sweet wine to pair with classic diner-style and maple bars that melt in your mouth (right after they melt your heart). 

If you’re noodling an order of Ramen or Pho 

Try: Oregon Pinot Gris

Pair your favorite noodles with a light Oregon Pinot Gris. The more fresh veggies, sprouts and lime you pile on will make this sip and slurp combo that much greater (eat your 5 a day, folks!) 

Or Lo Mein and Chow Mein

Try: Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc

No matter what style of Chinese noodles you’re craving- tossed with fresh veggies and herbs or more rich and buttery in texture – New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc is a staple!

Print out our cheat sheet and stick on your fridge with local restaurant menus for easy access

It feels good to order in – in more ways than one

Especially when so many local restaurants are going above and beyond to keep communities fed and workers afloat in a crazy time.

“It’s surreal to think how many of our friends and colleagues have lost their jobs in the past week,” said Matt Stamp, partner at Napa restaurant and wine bar, Compline.

“As the entire world struggles to contain COVID-19, large restaurant groups are laying off thousands, and small restaurants are closing their doors without any idea of how long this will last.”

In response, Matt and his team are asking the community to help sponsor meals for first responders, family and friends – all proceeds help Compline continue to pay their team and support the local purveyors that have helped their restaurant succeed. 

In honor of #thegreatamericantakeout and local restaurants everywhere, the team just put in a big lunch order – we’ll be sending 200 meals to send to first responders working in hospitals throughout the county. 

If you’re interested in helping too, you can sponsor a meal for $20 for those on the frontline of this crisis. Give them a call at (707) 492-8150.

Any more takeout options you’d like to see a wine pairing for? Add to the comments below.

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