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A Toast – To the Real Hero of 2019

Every year, we’re astounded by the generosity of this community. Here’s a look back at 3 incredible ways Angels gave back in 2019!

In the seven years we’ve known you, you’ve done a world of good – click here for the full recap of all the wonderful ways Angels have helped those in need.

As 2019 comes to a close, we keep thinking about how proud we are of this community you’ve built.

You’ve helped us grow in so many ways — in sheer number (115,000 strong now!), in winemakers (you fund over 80, and counting) and as a global force for good, raising a lifetime total of over $1 million for fire relief, soup kitchens in South Africa and hearts in need.

Angels just make this place so darn special.

Everything you’ve accomplished stems from your support of world-class winemakers — so before the year wraps, we wanted to give you a quick (and incredible) recap of all you’ve done in 2019…

Including investing in more new wines and winemakers than any year before…

…and nabbing the national title of Best Wine Club from USA TODAY!

(From left to right) Jose, Tim, Raul, Fabian, Andrew, Chuck, Jorge are the incredibly talented guys are the Cellar Crew.

To start, you (together with the Cellar Crew) are set to raise over $1 million for fire relief

After the Sonoma and Napa fires in 2017, you joined forces with the winery team (lovingly nicknamed “The Cellar Crew”) in Kenwood to help thousands of families affected by pre-ordering a special charitable wine — with 100% of proceeds going back to neighborhoods in need.

And the money Angels raised — over $800,000 — immediately benefitted fire relief programs at the Napa Valley Community Foundation, Latino Community Foundation, and Community Foundation Sonoma County.

It even rebuilt the Anova School — a cornerstone of the community devastated by the massive Tubbs fire — now back up and running, with new desks and supplies for the kids, all because of you.

The Cellar Crew was so moved by you, that they’ve donated $2 per bottle from their American Red Blend to local fire teams since — meaning that first $800,000 will grow into $1 million worth of lifetime funding through the 2018 vintage.

Carmen Stevens visiting schoolchildren in Belhar on the Western Cape of South Africa.

Next, you’ve helped Carmen Stevens serve 1.7 million meals to schoolchildren in South Africa

When we asked for help to support Carmen’s charitable work to help students in the Stellenbosch community, an overwhelming amount of Angels wanted to get involved.

And just like that, with the help of your fellow Angels in the UK and Australia, you’ve changed the lives of thousands of children for the better. Nine schools have reported increased attendance and better grades because these kids are receiving nutritious meals they need.

Carmen’s humbled by the outpouring of support for a cause that’s close to her heart — growing up in South Africa, she’s witnessed the devastating impact that hunger can cause. But thanks to you, you’re giving them a path toward a happier, healthier future.

In 2019, she officially became South Africa’s Small Business Entrepreneur of the Year for her work as an independent, award-winning small-batch winemaker and all she’s done for her community. That win is yours, too.

(From left to right) Daryl Groom and Colby Groom.

And last (but certainly not least!) you helped Daryl Groom and his son raising $112,000 for heart health

Daryl recently shared his son Colby’s story with Angels for the first time — and asked if you’d like to help more children affected by heart disease by pre-ordering a wine.

You all have responded overwhelmingly — and that’s great news for Colby’s charity of choice — The Children’s Heart Foundation.

So far, Angels have raised $112,300 for the cause through pre-orders of Daryl’s charitable project… and The Children’s Heart Foundation announced that they’re launching a heart research fund — in Colby’s name!

ONE in every 110 babies is born with a broken heart, making congenital heart defects (CHDs) the most common birth defect in the world.

And The Children’s Heart Foundation does incredible things to reduce that number and give children happy, healthy lives.

Your support of Daryl’s Wine with Heart project will have a lasting positive impact on those kids for years to come.

This year and all years, you continue to help winemakers and the communities they love. Thanks for making so many dreams possible – Happy New Year Angels!

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Larry Reilley
Larry Reilley
4 years ago

Awesome! So proud to be part of this.

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