A heartfelt thank you – from the Groom family

Published by The Naked Narrators - 27th Nov 2019

Stories like this are what makes the community at nakedwines.com so special.

Thank you for your generous hearts in helping a world-famous winemaker and his incredible son change thousands of lives for the better.


In case you haven’t heard Colby’s story yet

Colby Groom was born with a congenital heart defect that resulted in him being in and out of hospitals throughout his young life.

That included going through two back-to-back open-heart surgeries by the time he was 10.

…so much for a young kid.

But with the encouragement of his dad, Colby got brave quick.

– and he’s dedicated his life to filling other kids’ lives with hope and healing. Now a college student, Colby travels the country speaking at events and fundraisers for heart health causes, like The American Heart Association and The Children’s Heart Foundation.

And then Angels came in – and really brought the magic!

Daryl recently shared Colby’s story with Angels for the first time…

He asked if we’d like to get involved and help the cause by pre-ordering a special wine.

You all have responded overwhelmingly – and that’s great news for Colby’s charity of choice.

Nakedwines.com Angels have raised an additional $112,300 for the cause through pre-orders of Daryl’s charitable blend!

– and now, to honor his years of work…

The Children’s Heart Foundation just announced they’re launching
a heart research fund — in Colby’s name!

One in every 110 babies is born with a broken heart, making congenital heart defects (CHDs) the most common birth defect in the world.

The Children’s Heart Foundation does incredible things to reduce that number and give children happy, healthy lives.

Now you do, too.

Watch Colby’s thank you message – with a special dedication

It really goes to show that wine might bring us all together, but your grateful hearts are what make this place a family.

And Angels continue to lift Daryl and Colby up

– not only by helping them raise money for an incredible case – but by share incredibly touching stories of their own – about health, family, and the importance of coming together.

It goes without saying too often, so let me say it loud and clear:

We are so grateful for your kind and generous hearts, Angels.

If you’re looking for some extra feel-good stories this holiday, take some time to read the personal stories of your fellow Angels below.

From all of us here at nakedwines.com, have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

“Feel compelled to write you. THANK YOU for raising money for CHF. I was also born with a congenital heart defect (Tetrology of Fallot) way back in the 60s. I wasn’t supposed to live either. Yet here I am! I had my major surgeries between age 4 – 6, and now I am trying to recover from another heart surgery 2 years ago.

I became a registered nurse in order to give back to all those in the medical profession who have helped me over the years. I can climb mountains and run 5k’s now (even though I am bad at it!)

Please tell your son that he can do anything he wants in his life and to stay strong.

And God bless your entire family for all the emotional ups and downs you have had.
– Michelle H., nakedwines.com Angel

Dear Groom family,

Thank you for having such courageous hearts for children with heart disease. And thank you Colby for your activism on behalf of others in similar situations as you’ve experienced.

My daughter Amberlynn Rose was born with hypoplastic left heart syndrome (half a heart). She’s 18 and just started a fundraiser to provide hospitalized teens and their families some comforts of home.

We’re excited about this new journey and where it may take us and wanted to give you a heartfelt thank you and a big virtual hug for all you’re doing and have done.

Amberlynn has just been diagnosed with liver cirrhosis (due to heart condition) occluded femoral arteries, lung damage due, and some GI stuff going on. She’s on oxygen, and in her mind, literally falling apart. I believe in the possibility of supernatural healing and am not dismayed by her circumstance as she is. I only hope that my love and interactions with her will shine a happy light that will lift her spirits and heal her body. I would like to invite you to join our hearts in believing she will find healing for her body by the renewing of her soul. That she may know fully the love, light and joy that she truly is!

Thank you for your precious time, prayers, and support for all those with limiting conditions. May you be blessed beyond measure forever.”

Linnea H., nakedwines.com Angel

“I love that we have been able to be part of your journey with you… love your wines and will continue to buy them. All the best to Colby and your family!”
-Anne B., nakedwines.com Angel

We all know and feel the struggles of Colby and others….all that really matters in life is to give oneself to those who are in need.
– Paul S., nakedwines.com Angel

“I am so very happy to be a part of this in the small way that I am…. And to Colby, You are one tough Kid! God Bless”
– Dominic M, nakedwines.com Angel


You can donate to The Children’s Heart Foundation by visiting their website…

….or by pre-ordering your own 9-pack of DRG’s Wine with Heart Red Blend. $1 per bottle will benefit the Colby Rex Groom Research Fund.