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The winemaker dethroning Willamette Pinot

Scott’s made an Oregon red richer than Pinot Noir – and’s customers are the first to fund it!

Scott Kelley is THE Pinot Noir expert who made Robert Mondavi Private Selection and Estancia Pinot Noir for over a decade. His wines have fans all over the country!

…But Scott’s passion was to make his own wine where he had complete control and the freedom to focus on quality winemaking instead of corporate branding and marketing hype.

The customers of funded that dream and Scott is making breathtaking wines in Oregon that will blow you away with their silky smooth flavors, stunning freshness, and incredible value.

Sure, he’s a Pinot expert… but he knows that’s not all Oregon can do

And’s customers help him prove it. With their support, Scott took a step away from his own 90%-rated Pinot Noirs to showcase a new Oregon red that rivals Rioja.

Scott made this top-rated wine – a rich Oregon Tempranillo – that disappeared in DAYS

Scott dropped all our jaws with the release of his first seductively rich Tempranillo last year. When he said that Oregon could make world-class reds with the best of ‘em, he lied – because it turns out, Oregon makes them better. Harvested from Oregon’s Umpqua Valley, this wine instantly scored top medals at international wine competitions and 95%+ ratings – just 1 other Oregon wine in history have ever been rated so high.

Velvety smooth, oozing with juicy plums and a world-class finish… 

Scott’s Tempranillo is giving Oregon Pinot a run for its money. It’s full-bodied and flush with ripe fruit. Just days after this Tempranillo was released, it was sold out – and blissfully over-the-top reviews started pouring in…

“Bold yet velvety, like a bright holiday ribbon. This is the kind of wine I’d like to bathe in, or at least bathe my taste buds in!” – Talmadge Blevins, Angel

Now his rich red is’s top wine in the Northwest! The only wine that’s ever been close to stealing the title is Scott Kelley’s other wine – a little something called Willamette Pinot.

mediumCutout-1It’s the most talked-about Tempranillo in the US

What started as a small passion project has become Scott’s flagship wine with In fact, thanks to customer support, he’s officially the largest single-buyer of Tempranillo in Oregon. That’s HUGE! Scott Kelley’s rare red is sending a message to the wine world — the Pacific Northwest is full of great wine… not just Pinot.

If you’re curious about Scott’s wines and want to support independent winemakers like him, first-time customers can use promo code FBOV0518HVS to enjoy $50 off their first order.

*Terms and conditions apply. Must be 21 years or older. Offer only valid in some states. See terms and conditions for details.

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