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The world-class Cab Franc you helped rescue

When a Walla Walla vineyard got caught in the middle of a turf war, Dave couldn’t just let the Cab Franc go to waste… especially after one of Washington’s biggest wineries turned their back.

“This lovely block of Walla Walla Cabernet Franc backs up to a Cabernet vineyard I already use for Angel-funded wines. Last fall – just as I watched the grapes turned a brilliant, juicy purple – I learned the large winery set to use it “dumped” their grape contract for no real reason.”

– Dave Harvey, winemaker

An underdog grapegrower was in big trouble until Angels saved the day
Here’s what happened…

There once was a small-time Walla Walla grapegrower with an amazing vineyard of Cabernet Franc. Nextdoor to the vineyard was Dave Harvey – an all-star Washington winemaker funded by wine drinkers like you.

All season, Dave watched the Cabernet Franc grow in his neighbor’s vineyard. Come harvest, every cluster grew to be practically perfect. Whoever got that wine was going to be in for something special, Dave thought. 

But then, the big-brand winery with plans for the Cab Franc suddenly left the small grower empty-handed… 

With the growing season nearly over and the Cab Franc almost ready to be harvested, disaster struck. The big corporate Washington winery who agreed to buy the grapes suddenly backed out of its contract – no explanation or apology – citing other opportunities and left the grapegrowers with nowhere to turn. 

Knowing how flawless the grapes were and how great the wine from them would be one day, Dave couldn’t just let a pristine Walla Walla Cab Franc go to waste…

So he came to Angels with a crazy idea… what if he stepped in and rescued the grapegrower and their amazing grapes – by making a new wine?

Your support saved the day for this Walla Walla grower – and the wine’s incredible!

Thanks to your quick action and funding, he could move fast enough to save the grapes just in time for harvest! What’s more, the wine turned out even better than Dave imagined! It’s full-bodied and flush with deep, luscious cherry and raspberry flavors that linger thanks to a long ‘n’ toasty finish…

This Cabernet Franc only exists because of supportive wine drinkers like you.

That’s something to feel super good about!

Since there’s no telling if Dave will be able to get his hands on any more Cab Franc from that vineyard, this may be a one-time thing. One vintage or not, it’s a really special opportunity for both him and Washington grapegrowers – you should feel so good for making it possible through your support.

With some quick maneuvering and Angel funding, Dave rescued the grapes and the grower – and brought you world-class Cab Franc for an incredible price.

You can smell Washington’s cherry blossoms and bing cherries as soon as you pop the bottle. Thanks for helping Dave reel in a BIG catch!

“The whole story – finding the grapes, Angels coming in and saving the day – reminds me of one of my favorite sayings: ‘There is charm in the pursuit of what is elusive but attainable, a perpetual series of occasions for hope.‘ “

Dave Harvey – quoting John Buchan

Ready to reel in some Cab Franc of your own? Pre-order a few bottles!

Angels can reserve this special project from Dave now through October 9th, 2019 for $10 down. We’ll charge the remaining amount and any applicable shipping and taxes once the wine ships!

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Steve Verock res.
Steve Verock res.
3 years ago

How do I reserve this special project “….from Dave by October 9, 2019”. When I just received this and it’s February 2021?

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