celebrates 7 years!

Published by The Naked Narrators - 1st Jun 2019

This online wine revolution started seven whole years ago today. And your winemakers are busy celebrating YOUR success!

Did you hear about the gifts?!

In fact, a couple of them made some GIANT anniversary presents (1.5L GIFT MAGNUMS) as an extra-special thanks for your support, now and then.

These winemakers are SO grateful for customers like you

Guys like Daryl Groom – Australian winemaking legend (and 8-time Winemaker of the Year!) – have been with you since the beginning. And this year, he’s reflecting on all the fun he’s had working for you.

“Because of you, I get to follow my passion and make wine in two countries,” says Daryl

And Angel’s favorite Napa winemaker Matt Parish is downright giddy to celebrate the occasion…

“It’s just a fantastic feeling – pure joy,” says Matt.

New guys on the block – winemaking brothers Nicholas and Marshall Miller – joined your ranks at the perfect time. And they’re bringing the best wines out of Paso Robles and Santa Barbara to you!

Marshall and I have just gotten going, but we’re already so appreciative of all the support Angels have given us,” says Nicholas.

7 years in… you’re doing this wine thing right.

  • 115,000 of you are powering a revolution in wine.
  • Over 140 global winemakers are free to make the wines you love
  • You’ve backed 2,200 world-class wines – made without excessive markups, without extra fuss, without middlemen or million dollar sales budgets.

You’re doing more than raising eyebrows – you’re challenging (and fixing) every broken system the wine industry has come to know.

…and you don’t have to take our word for it. Every world-class winemaker that comes knocking on the door, thrilled to work for you is proof.

Thank you from the world’s most grateful winemakers – yours