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What does a Winemaker of the Year drink?

We asked’s Winemaker of the Year what he’s drinking these days – and boy , did he deliver! Stephen revealed all his favorite fine wines, from bottle-aged Tempranillo to the french Bordeaux of his foodie dreams.

Stephen’s favorite wines – revealed!

If you don’t know already, Stephen Millier is a legend. He’s the first American winemaker you funded, the top-selling winemaker on and current Winemaker of the Year!

A guy with that many accolades must have one epic wine collection, right? It got us thinking… 🤔

…What does a Winemaker of the Year like Stephen Millier drink?

We asked, and not only did Stephen deliver a list – he curated an exclusive case of his favorite fine wines for Angels. Now he’s revealing what’s inside!

Watch Stephen Millier unveil his first curated case for

How to build the perfect case of fine wines, according to Stephen Millier:

  1. Start with a few classics 
    First, Stephen says, classics from France are a must – like Patrice’s Pouilly Fume and JP’s vintage Champagne Brut. “Liz and I always keep 2 glasses in the freezer for this sparkling wine – you just never know when the right occasion is going to come up.

  2. Always have different vintages on hand
    You won’t believe what difference a year makes! Taste for yourself –buy several vintages of the same wine and pour them side by side.  A great wine for this is traditional Spanish Tempranillo. It’s easy to find bottles aged 5, 10, even 15 years. “I picked vintages ranging from 2012-2016. This wine is made to age, so I’m sure it’s going to be a delight.”

  3. Be playful – pick out wine you’ve never tried!
    For Stephen, new world reds from Australia and Chile are refreshing, innovative, and always a source of inspiration. He’s tried thousands of wines – but he knows there are thousands more to discover! “I think of Cabernet Sauvignon when I think of Chilean wines, so Syrah is a nice surprise – I look forward to giving that a try.”

  4. Play favorites – make sure you have a few bottles handy of your go-to’s
    For Stephen, that means sneaking in a few of his favorite Napa Cabs and Sonoma Pinot from Wine Country. “These are really fine wines – made by friends of mine!
  5. Serve at your leisure
    Stephen’s Fine Wine Case might be loaded with world-famous wines – but he insists you enjoy them casually. “I never have to wait for an occasion to try them – when I try them, that’s the occasion,” he says with a wink.

Read more about Stephen’s recommendations

Is your favorite on the list? Have another Angel-funded fine wine you love? Tell us in the comments section below!

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5 years ago

HI. just a suggestion. would it be possible to include in the shipping box a short paragraph on each wine in the box with possible suggestions on need to store, age if needed and food pairings. thanks.

5 years ago

Great idea, Alan! For now, all of that info is available over at by clicking the “i” tab on the wine’s page (PLUS recommendations from the winemaker him/herself & reviews from other Angels).
Thanks for taking the time to share your suggestion – it’s how we get better!

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