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Me & Monsieur Jones: A winemaker love story

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Katie is a lovely British lady who worked for a lifetime in the wine industry before saving enough to live her dream… she bought a vineyard in the south of France and started making her own wine.

She worked at a wine cooperative for 14 years in the southern French region of Fitou, and during that time she learned all the tricks of the trade.

Katie learned every nook and cranny of the Fitou countryside and where the best vineyards were.

And then she courageously struck out on her own!

Like any good fairy tale, there’s a romantic story…

Katie made quite an impression on a young grape grower named Jean Marc, the President of that co-op she was leaving.

Jean Marc worked up his courage and asked Katie if she wanted any help on this winemaking adventure!

So Katie had a marvelous life in the south of France, she’d invested her savings in her own vineyard and winery, and she had a handsome French winemaker to boot.

If you’re a romantic, you hear a lovely fairy tale. But some people looked on with jealousy.

Somebody had broken in and they’d opened the vats and let my wines drain away into the gutter…

–Katie Jones

Everything was perfect until the day local vandals broke into her winery and emptied her tanks, spilling over $80,000 of delicious white wine (made from 80-year-old Grenache Gris) down the drain.

When vandals emptied Katie’s tanks, Naked Angels saved her

Angels saved Katie and pre-ordered 30,000 bottles from Katie in just 48 hours.

Result: she could stay on her feet and produce a killer new vintage. Now Katie’s a fan favorite with Naked Angels around the world and things are looking up again.

Now she’s back up and running, winning accolades for her world-class wines.

“I don’t know any other company that could react so quickly and get so much support in our moment of need”

–Katie Jones

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