Naked Awards

64 MORE wine medals for!

Critics are laying gold medals at your feet! You should be so proud

Your winemakers, super-powered by your Angel support, left critics’ jaws on the floor this year — collecting 64 wine medals in the US alone!

Earlier this year, 44 of your wines won prestigious medals at the San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition – 1 Best of Class, 10 Double Gold, 10 Gold, 18 Silver, and 5 Bronze. Wowza.

And you just cleaned up in New Orleans — where your wines took home 20 more awards, including Gold, Double Gold and Best in Class (again!)


Pop the (double gold) bubbly!

You’ve got impeccable taste. Now the world knows it.

This is your win, too. Your support gives winemakers the chance to craft the wines they love.

Together, we’re a motley crew of passionate wine drinkers and talented winemakers — and we’re showing the world what we can do (win lots of medals, that’s what).


Wine prices usually skyrocket after winning prestigious awards like these…

Wines like Oregon Pinot and Napa Cabernet always sell quickly.
…with these wins, their sales have more than doubled! And it’s the same for all your winners.

Most wine businesses would use this opportunity to hike up prices and pitch an expensive allocation program.

And suddenly, the people who used to enjoy and support the wine can’t afford to drink it any longer. Does that seem right?


You have to know that I harvest every grape with you in mind, knowing it’s Angels who keep making my dreams possible.”
– Stephen Millier, 3rd Annual Winemaker of the Year


These wines wouldn’t exist without you, so it would be wrong to suddenly charge you more for them.

Don’t worry – no matter how many awards we haul in this year or next, your exclusive Angel savings is set in stone!

S.P. Drummer Oakville Napa Cabernet - exclusive for Angels


Where else can you get Double Gold Napa Cab (from an all-star winemaker) for prices like these?!


Fun fact — in these competitions, wines are judged by their list price. Some of them went head to head with wines that cost $65 a bottle. And we still walloped ‘em. Yippee-ki-yay, Angels. Yippee-ki-yay. 






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Jeanette Emert
Jeanette Emert
5 years ago

I have enjoyed wines in the past but don’t know much about them. I am having fun trying these–some I don’t care for and some I do. The ones I don’t care for I can find someone else who does so they don’t go to waste.
Is there a way to order more that I do like when I run out of these.

Naked Socialite
5 years ago
Reply to  Jeanette Emert

Hi there, Jeanette! Thanks for reaching out. Welcome to! We have a fantastic system for this. On the site,, once you log in, you can visit ‘My Wines’ or ‘Naked Me’ and rate each one as you go. Once you do that, we know to steer you away from wines that taste similar and you can avoid other wines you might not enjoy. We’ll use this to figure out which winemakers are doing the best job at making wines our customers will love. This helps us better curate your experience with us.

Along with rating your wines, we have a friendly and talented team of Wine Advisors who are at your service if you ever need any recommendations. They are able to take a look into your account to see what you do and don’t like to make those suggestions. For assistance, just give us a call at 1-800-673-4718. You can also ask our Wine Advisors for recommendations, or see their personal wine reviews, by posting to the Wine Advisors Picks page at

I hope this helps. Let us know if we can assist you any further. Cheers!

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