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A special holiday message from your winemakers

We’re grateful for you this season
(and all seasons!)

It’s nearing the end of 2018 (where did the time go?) – and your winemakers are wrapping up harvest as we speak…

And that wondrous time – when the cellar goes quiet, and row after row of oak barrels are stacked snug, full of hundreds more Angel-funded wines… well, it’s the perfect moment to reflect on an amazing year.

Sounds like the perfect time for an epic video montage, if you ask me!

Dozens of indie winemakers recorded sweet messages for Angels this year. You’re the heart and soul of this company – and if we haven’t said it enough this year, thank you – for all you do, and all you’ve done.

From an 8-time Winemaker of the Year to the talented Willamette winemaker you helped launch this year, every winemaker you fund is so grateful for your support… this video is the proof.

None of it – our headquarters here in Napa, your Angel-funded winery in Kenwood, over 1500 exclusive wines or 150+ independent winemakers – would be here without you.

Please consider these lovey-dovey messages a big bear hug of thanks from everyone in the family.


Happy Thanksgiving

As you’re relaxing with loved ones and enjoying a few Angel-funded wines of your own, take a listen.
And we’d love to hear from you, too…

Tell us what you’re thankful for in the comments of this post!

21 replies on “A special holiday message from your winemakers”

I’m so very thankful for my friends, family, and the amazing co-workers I see every day at Naked. It has been incredible to watch this place grow, and I look forward to seeing where we’ll go together in the future.

I’m grateful that we’ve been safe through the terrible fires in California (this year and last year), and for the brave men and women putting their lives on the line to help those in need. Our family pushed through some health challenges this year and I am so appreciative of the continuing support and patience of our loved ones.

This year, we toast to lifting each other up and being our best selves! Happy Thanksgiving everyone 🙂

I’m so grateful to be close to home. My parents, my sister, my brother and their gorgeous children are less than 15 minutes away. It’s such a blessing to have them here – to be able to chat and laugh about the glorious and everyday parts of life. Time is so precious and I feel graced to share it with them.

We’re living in a time when the world craves love – from families, from loved ones, friends, co-workers – even strangers on the street. I hope we all find what our hearts are hungry for this holiday season, and show others a little kindness every day. You never know whose life it can change.

In loving honor of all my family,

Thank you all so much for the support and good vibes. There’s nothing in the wine world like this community and I’m very grateful to have all these angels, winemakers and coworkers in my life.

I am grateful for my husband, parents, children, family, friends and my NakedWines Family. Blessed to be here on this journey we call life with all of you!

Sending lots of love and happy thoughts to you all!

Hey winemakers,

Like you, We are grateful for what nakedwines has helped us to do for all of us. It’s grown amazingly larger than we ever thought possible. We share the idea whenever we can. Happy, Happy Thanksgiving!

I want to thank everyone at Naked Wines for all they do. Its a great group and everyone is very good at what they do – exceptional really And to my wine makers Thank you. You have made my life more enjoyable with each and every delivery. Appreciate you all and keep up the good work. Happy Thanksgiving to all. Gobble til you wabble and God Bless.

Thank you so much for taking the time to share with us. Your wines are awesome and I feel fortunate to support your work. Happy Holidays from my home to yours!

How lovely to hear thankful messages from your winemakers. I’m personally thankful for my beautiful family and dear friends. Heartfelt thanks to the brave fire fighters near our home in Colorado and now battling the horrible devastation in California.

Thank all of you wonderful winemakers. Your wines have added joy to my evenings. I’m thankful for you all participating in the Naked Wines community. I enjoyed the video of those winemakers who added their wishes to us Angels. You are all appreciated. Happy thanksgiving to you all.

I’m thankful for all these wonderful winemakers that are passionate about their craft and allow me, my family and my friends to enjoy such great wines at what I consider below market prices. I am also thankful for the other angels that make this possible and of course Naked Wines for getting the whole thing rolling. It’s a fantastic way to enjoy wine. Cheers!

Very nice video and so happy to be able to put faces to names of the great winemakers whose labors (of love) I have been enjoying for the last few years. Thanks Nakedwines!

Today, we celebrate Thanksgiving a truly American holiday.It is a time where family and friends gather together to reflect on the blessings and bounty which we have enjoyed through the year. I am thankful for all the great winemakers we as a group have been able to support, the truly magnificent staff at Naked Wines,the Archangels, Angels and Angels in Waiting I have interacted with and become friends with,my family and the freedoms and blessing of this great land.I hope you all have a great day, enjoy great food, great wines and great company on this day. Be safe if you are traveling, and I say a prayer for all those affected by the fires in California, and the firefighters who are battling them.

What a wonderful video! I have drunk wines produced by two-thirds of the winemakers featured in the video. I have often wanted to thank them and all the others for their labors, but could never get around to writing comments on the NW website. So here goes: Thank you for producing such good wines at good prices, and thanks also to NW for such an easy-to-use website and for such fast and efficient delivery. I am grateful for the myriad blessings in my life, and those include the quality wines from NW.

Hi, wonderful Winemaker’s! Thank you for taking the time to send the video. It made me cry, in a good way! I am so thankful for each and every one of you amazing, talented and caring people. It makes me incredibly happy to help support your endeavors, and of course, drink and share the fruits of your labor!

I love Naked Wines, the concept, the personal customer service and the opportunity to support what I love! You are the BEST!❤️

To all the Winemakers,
Thank you so much for all the great wine! I am so grateful NOT to have to walk up and down the aisle at the supermarket looking for that special wine. I know that I will get the best wine for all my special occasions whenever I order from you.
And yes, I am grateful for my family as flawed as we might be. Seeing our children grow into thoughtful and productive adults has been a blessing.
Thank you so much for all your hard work and the good deeds that you do thru Naked Wines.
Happy Thanksgiving

I’m thankful that all the wine I have bought has been a delicious and delightful experience and I don’t have to carry it home from the store.I have enjoyed every drop and I’m passing on the delightful wine to friends and family. Hope they enjoy and order.

It was really nice to put faces to the names on the bottles! I also appreciate the many acknowledgments you gave to those suffering from the wild fires and to the firefighters. From far away Massachusetts, I cannot grasp how bad those fires are. Many thanks for your hard work in preparing some lovely wines! Happy holidays.

I’m thankful for family and friends; and also for the winemakers of Naked Wines.
My thoughts and hopes for a strong recovery for our California winemakers . I hope your Angel’s support help see you through these difficult times.
Happiest of Holidays to all!

I’m so grateful to be able to help you all in a small way! It’s gratifying to help you all rather than buying from a local store or on line and to know I’m helping you do what you love as well. To meet you all in the video brings me closer to you. What a great idea! I wish you all much success in the new year and in the years beyond and my prayers go out to all who suffered such great loss in the fires in California. Suzanne

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