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Harvest updates from indie wine country

It’s the most important time of year for your giddy Angel-funded winemakers…

And nothing can change the big, glowing smiles on your winemakers’ faces. They’ve been waiting for this month like a kid waiting for Santa… and it’s finally here! It’s harvest season y’all…  

From grapes bouncing into the hopper, to the waterfalls of pressed juice cascading into tanks, and the rumblings of barrels about the warehouse – your Angel-funded winery’s filling up with another year of scrumptious, mouth-watering wines.

The whole crew couldn’t be more excited – and you’re an important part of that team too! Without you, another year of world-class wines wouldn’t be possible.

Here’s a collection of favorite harvest updates from your indie wine guys and gals.


Ben Darnault takes in his view from Languedoc-Roussillon. 😱

…here he is hand-sorting Syrah (these are the grapes inside Minervois Plus!)


Jonathan admires a fresh harvest from Saint Emilion

Jen splish-splashes around in Rutherglen with a “rack and return”

New winemaker Dave Harvey has Washington Malbec on the horizon


The Michaud cellar team moving Columbia Valley grapes to the press


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Black and white just cause. #choppinbroccoli …merlot #wawine

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Your Best in class Chardonnay winemaker, Jac Cole, samples grapes

Katie hauling in the first grapes of the year – at the winery YOU helped build (in the south of France)

…according to this evidence from Nicky Parish (that’s Matt’s sister!) New Zealand trees drop Pinot AND leaves?!


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#dunnolly #pinotnoir #northcanterbury #waiparavalley #nzwine #nakedwinesdotcom

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Adam “calls the pick” on his Shiraz in Barossa Valley

Jacqueline loads up expensive Sta. Rita Pinot. Fruit from this vineyard can go for $50 a bottle (good thing you’re on the inside track)


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Last lot of Pinot going into the press!

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Ben channeling his inner mad scientist, developing a field blend for fun

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What happens next? #nzwine #naturalwine #fieldblend #orangewine #rootstock #budburst #agent ………..

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Alex night-harvesting Chenin Blanc from Clarksburg – to make sure her fruit is as juicy as possible

…and we can’t forget about Alex’s “Harvest Assistant,” Fletcher the Doodle – checking the soil composition, of course!

If you’re thirsty for more, you can get the latest harvest stories by following the hashtag #nwharvest2018 on the @nakedwinesdotcom Instagram page.

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