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5 wines partygoers love

Picking out wine for a party… it’s never easy! But don’t fret – read on for tips that’ll help you with any occasion you’ve got in store.

1. Sparkling

You know the drill – you’re hosting dinner with friends when all of a sudden a big “CONGRATS!” fills the room!

For any impromptu celebration, we recommend having a bottle of sparkling on hand like Wayne’s luxurious Blanc de Blancs. It’s just the ticket for someone who enjoys a crisp, refreshing sipper that’s not too sweet.


2. Pinot Grigio

It’s light, refreshing, and sure beats lemonade. Pinot Grigio is just the wine to swan-dive into when the heat starts to swell! One sip and this crisp, zingy white will be just the thirst-quencher – perfect for sunny, poolside days with friends. We’re loving Yian Lu’s crisp and refreshing Pinot Grigio from California’s Central Coast.


3. Rosé

Light, fresh, and oh-so dazzling… Rosé has got some serious style. A wine this gorgeous – not to mention delicious – fits in anywhere… but pack a bottle for your next picnic and be prepared for Instagram-central.

bright and juicy Rosé made by Evangelos Bagias makes for the perfect party-starter.


4. Red Blends

There’s nothing like a luscious red to sip alongside a juicy charburger. Slurrrrp. Decadent wines like Karen’s Red Blend will bring your BBQ to a whole new level.

Any grill-master deserves a bottle scrumptious wine to scarf when they’re working over the coals – not too light, not too dark… juuuust right.






… and your favorite wine (really!)

You’re stocking up on all this wine, so you must have a favorite. Your friends will be curious to know, too.


How many times have you discovered a drink you love because of a friend’s advice? Be prepared to share your go-to wine (and stock up on a couple extra bottles, to be safe).

Try these tips for yourself at!

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