Behind the Wine

Happy 6th Anniversary,!

6 years and 160 winemakers later… we’re amazed by wine drinkers like you

On June 1st, 2012, you kick-started a revolution. Since then, you and 300,000 others across the globe have funded 160 winemakers in 14 different countries… and it’s just the beginning. With your support in their vision, you’ve allowed talented, passionate, experienced winemakers to venture out on their own and to create world-class wines that they’re truly proud of – and for you to enjoy, no less!


Check out these clips from your winemakers – they’re so thankful for you

Your indie winemakers couldn’t be more grateful – and they have a surprise for you… check out the links to see the videos your winemakers made to say thanks!


Jen’s rockin’ it like a redhead – all because of your amazing support…

…you’ve changed Rod’s life – and he’s been crafting exclusive wines left and right ever since…


…with your support, Stephen can harness his love for making premium, scrumptious wines (with the help of his horse, of course)…


…you’ve allowed David to bring his dynamite wine to amazing new heights! He’s super thankful…

and you support Carmen to make her dream wines (and create wines for some incredible causes)…


…and that’s just a taste!

You can watch ALL of our winemakers’ anniversary messages here.  Take a few moments to check them out and see how you’ve changed their lives – you won’t regret it.


Thanks for all you do. Here’s a toast to 6 years (and many more). 


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