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Top 5 meals to pair with indie wines

If you’re not hungry for a case of delicious wines yet, just wait ’til you see the street tacos…

1. Shellfish, sea scallops and salmon
Pair with:
Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Grigio and bubbly

Seafood is a natural fit for wine – especially when it comes to crisp whites, sparkling wines and rosés. The next time you pop a bottle, pair it with a seafaring specialty – scallops, mussels, shrimp, ahi steaks, salmon… the world’s your oyster

“I love a chilled glass of bubbles with BBQ-grilled Pacific Salmon,” says Wayne Donaldson, the winemaker behind our best-selling sparkling Rosé.





2. Steak, steak (and more steak)
Pair with:
Robust Red Blends and Cabernets

If you want to add a bit of extra sizzle to your Grade A steak dinner, bring along rich and robust red blends – and a few Cabs, too. Our winemakers insist the deeper, darker the fruit flavor, the better. Sip. Bite. Sip. Bite. Repeat!


“The wild fruit and savory flavors in red wines scream steak! steak! steak! Take your favorite cut and add salt, pepper or your favorite seasoning and grill to your liking. Roast some potatoes on the grill and you’re in for a real treat,” says Macario Montoya, the daring winemaker behind bold Cabernet blends like El Mechon.


3. Street tacos – con más carnitas, por favor
Pair with:
Full-bodied whites like Chardonnay and Marsanne

It’s pretty hard to beat refreshing, ice cold cerveza on Taco Tuesday – but our winemakers know that creamy, barrel-aged whites can balance the flavors of marinated pork, crisp tortillas, fresh salsas and peppery heat way better than your average beer.

“I love tacos,” says Angel-funded winemaker Irene Paiva. “Here in Chile, they are a tremendous option for Chard!”




4. A juicy cheeseburger with all the fixin’s
Pair with:
Merlots and Zins

There’s something missing from your flame-kissed hamburger, slathered in sauce and spilling over with onions, super-ripe tomatoes and gooey cheddar cheeseit’s Zinfandel. And our winemakers swear it’s a must with burgers and fries!

8-time Winemaker of the Year Daryl Groom swears his powerful 91% rated Dry Creek Zin is “damn good” with a charbroiled patty hot off the grill. “It’s just awesome with hamburgers!”


5. Hot buttered popcorn (kettle corn, too!)
Pair with:
Prosecco, Chardonnay and Pinot Noir

Don’t underestimate the power of buttery popcorn. This decadent, satisfying and rich snack is the perfect partner for so many wines – our favorite is a cool slug of silky wine like Chardonnay! It’s also the go-to wine pairing of winemaker, Scott Peterson…

But follow Scott’s advice to a tee: “If you serve popcorn with my Chardonnay, it has to be topped with plenty of butter.”  We’re nodding knowingly.


…the fun doesn’t stop there. Try cheddar or caramel popcorn with an elegant Pinot Noir. And the salty sweet crunch of piping-hot kettle corn with bubbles, like Prosecco? Fuggetaboutit.




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