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Get the most from your wine

Woohoo! You’re the lucky recipient of a case of exclusive wines from one of our world-class indie winemakers…

Follow these tips to get the most deliciousness out of every last drop:

Free the wine!

If you’re standing in front of a giant box of delicious wine, carefully cradled in recycled pulp, it’s time to take it all off… and feast your eyes! We pack your case carefully to make sure there’s not a scratch on them.

Make sure everything’s perfect and if anything seems out of place, no worries – email

Rest & Relaxation

Whether you have a wine rack where you can show off the wines or a cool, dark place to store them, it’s a good idea to let your wine rest for a few days to get over any “shock” from the long journey from our winery to your hands.

If you’re really thirsty/excited and want to crack into the wine ASAP, start with lighter wines which will be less shook up. We recommend letting big, hefty wines rest 3-5 days before tucking in.

The perfect pour

Pour a glass as soon as you open the bottle. By doing this, you increase the amount of wine in direct contact with air and help unlock flavors and aromas in the wine.

Pro tip: it’s fun to fill a glass to the brim, but if you only pour about halfway, you’ll smell more of the wonderful aromas in the wine (and you’ll spill less!)

When it’s gone…

The only catch about great wine is it runs out. When you fall in love with a wine, visit your Naked Me and give it a thumbs up or rate it on the mobile app.

You don’t have to think of yourself as a wine critic – just ask yourself if you’d buy this wine again or not. Rating on the site will help you remember the wines you loved and get more bottles before they run out. And it will help us know which wines we should fund more of, so you help yourself AND the winemaker.


26 replies on “Get the most from your wine”

Had 20 intimate friends over I’m am glad I had other bottles, when the comment cards came back on all 12 whites that i got from you I was surprise to see that no one said they would purchase them. They said that they were bland had no character, as if some had soured on the vine, no notes of other changes between several bottles that should not have tasted any thing alike. Not happy with purchase.

I’m really sorry to hear that Yvette. My coworker Nicole will reach out to you about refunding that case – we’re so grateful that you decided to share our wines with friends and I apologize for the wines not being up to snuff for the group – I hope you’ll give us another chance to impress you!

Got my 1st Naked Wine shipment this week! Very excited! Going to wait one more day to drink it, as suggested!

I ordered reds, and know to rest them for 4 days or more. After reading the complaint of the white wines and how all were bland. That’s impossible. I know wine makers and never have I tasted a bland wine from a quality wine maker. The only way to have 6 put of 6 different wines bland is that the drinkers don’t know how to drink white wine. Or reds either since they didn’t order any. Whites are by there nature simple and sweeter. Slight differences are a great treat to detect. Drinking has to be learned and if you are ignorant of the complexity, try keeping your opinions to your note book and reflect on them as you grow your taste buds for wine.

Got my Dozen!! At first site it’s nice to see how much care you take in the delivery and I was so happy to see all the diversity in the bottles. As per your suggestion, I will let them REST!! But…I am anxious to try one. Now it’s which one!! Heehee…

My first box arrived on Tuesday. According to my email, I did not expect it for about a month, but here it is! Tonight begins my weekend, and I will begin with a white, partly per suggestion. Even my daughter is excited to try some, and she doesn’t drink wine!

Just received my first case and am excited to try them. Waiting to open any of them until I get moved next week (thankfully it is local).

Case arrived by FedEx in the middle of a Texas summer day and, upon opening, we found the bottles (all red) to be hot to the touch. We brought them into the house, unpacked the bottles and let them cool off. That evening, we opened one of the Cabernets and found it to have a bit of a dull and oxidized aroma, and the color was brownish. Needless to say, we didn’t drink it. We opened a second bottle – the Malbec – and it too was a little “browned,” but the aroma wasn’t as bad. We did drink that one, but we didn’t consider it a great wine. For all we know, the NakedWines we received were all excellent, but we’ll never know it due to the hot treatment they received during transport.

Hi Dan –

Thanks for letting us know about the treatment of your wine! We lose a bit of control once the wine leaves our warehouse and the courier takes over, but we appreciate the feedback so that we can follow up with the courier & insure a better experience next time.
The good news is that we guarantee every bottle of our wine whether it arrives damaged or it’s simply not a good fit for you – I’ll be in touch soon so that we can discuss the rest of your case & make good on our guarantee. 🙂

Received my first shipment this past Tuesday and was so excited to try them. Had a few friends over the next evening and we open one bottle of the red…it was wonderful. My friends wanted me to open another bottle but we decided to open the bottles that they brought with them. Wasn’t the same. I wanted to save my shipment so I can enjoy them with my fiancé. Needless to say…he went over to a friend’s house for football last night and took one of my wine bottle with him…I had an attitude because that’s my wine. LOL

Received our first six bottles of red today. Couldn’t wait to try the first one. It was everything we hoped for. We hope the rest of them are as good.

I have received my second dozen wines. They are unpacked and laying on their side keeping the corks wet. Can’t wait to try them. The last case of wine was excellent — each one better than the last. I’m sorry I didn’t comment on each bottle as I tried them. This time I will be more considerate and give my comments. Thank you.

Received my 1st case of Reds on Tuesday 3/19/19. Let it stand the recommended 4 days and looked forward to opening my first bottle.
I opened the Terre De Feu (Camille Benitah)Cabernet Sauvignon while just kicking back with my son on a Saturday night.
I accompanied this with some crusty Italian bread, provolone, olives and a calamari salad just for picking.
I was extremely satisfied with the pairing and enjoyed the rich flavor of this particular red.
Looking forward to my next tasting this weekend with friends and family.
Kudos to this winemaker.

I received my first case of wine the other day but have not been able to try anything yet as I have been under the weather. But to my dismay, I’m a little disappointed to see that most of the wine is Pinot type or Sauvignon Blanc of sorts. I am going to try them all before judging them. It’s amazing though to see different wine from around the world to compare. I think they are pricey if you aren’t getting the Angle’s pricing.

First inspired by a label that I was captivated by. Researched and purchased from this particular winemaker Sharon Weeks. (friends highly rated her wines)

Unbelievably my ‘case’ arrived within days of purchase. It’s sitting in a cool, dark place, & I’m anxiously waiting to ‘crack’ my first bottle. Will report on my findings, which I’m pretty sure will be positive. I love the idea of this ‘club’.

Got a $100 off card. Used it and received a mixed case of wine. But I can’t find the page in your website which described the wines and noted their pre-card cost. Where can I find this?

So far so good. Purchased a mixed case half white and half red I like full-bodied reds
I’ve opened three and thought they were all good. I’ve only opened one of the whites but it was an excellent Chardonnay
I expect to be ordering again

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