Get the most from your wine

Published by Naked Ryan - 1st Apr 2018

Woohoo! You’re the lucky recipient of a case of exclusive wines from one of our world-class indie winemakers…

Follow these tips to get the most deliciousness out of every last drop:

Free the wine!

If you’re standing in front of a giant box of delicious wine, carefully cradled in recycled pulp, it’s time to take it all off… and feast your eyes! We pack your case carefully to make sure there’s not a scratch on them.

Make sure everything’s perfect and if anything seems out of place, no worries – email

Rest & Relaxation

Whether you have a wine rack where you can show off the wines or a cool, dark place to store them, it’s a good idea to let your wine rest for a few days to get over any “shock” from the long journey from our winery to your hands.

If you’re really thirsty/excited and want to crack into the wine ASAP, start with lighter wines which will be less shook up. We recommend letting big, hefty wines rest 3-5 days before tucking in.

The perfect pour

Pour a glass as soon as you open the bottle. By doing this, you increase the amount of wine in direct contact with air and help unlock flavors and aromas in the wine.

Pro tip: it’s fun to fill a glass to the brim, but if you only pour about halfway, you’ll smell more of the wonderful aromas in the wine (and you’ll spill less!)

When it’s gone…

The only catch about great wine is it runs out. When you fall in love with a wine, visit your Naked Me and give it a thumbs up or rate it on the mobile app.

You don’t have to think of yourself as a wine critic – just ask yourself if you’d buy this wine again or not. Rating on the site will help you remember the wines you loved and get more bottles before they run out. And it will help us know which wines we should fund more of, so you help yourself AND the winemaker.