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Your 3rd Annual Winemaker of the Year

The competition results are in!

Over 8,600 Angels flew to the polls to vote in the 3rd Annual Winemaker of the Year Competition. After an incredibly tight race, the final vote count is in — I’m sure you’re dying to know the winner, so I’ll cut to the chase…

The award goes to… *drumroll*

Stephen Millier, Winemaker of the Year


He’s your most popular winemaker of all time — the site’s decorated with his 90% rated Cabs and blends.


In fact, he has the most 5-star wine ratings on the Internet — and it’s no wonder why. His big, bold and juicy reds and crowd-pleasing whites taste like mouthfuls of heart emojis.

😍 😍 😍

He puts so much love into every bottle… and it shows!


When we broke the news to Stephen, he threw a triumphant fist in the air. Thanks to you, he’s the first winemaker to ever clinch the Winemaker of the Year title TWICE!


Your support made him a superstar. And he wants you to celebrate right alongside him. This award is as much yours as his!




“You have to know that I harvest every grape with you in mind, knowing it’s Angels who keep making my dreams possible.

Thank you, thank you.”


– Your winemaker, Stephen



Well, go on. Congratulate him!

Hop on over to his winemaker wall to send him your well wishes. Our indie winemakers LOVE hearing from wine drinkers like you. You’ll make his day!


And get excited, because there’s wine on the way…


Stephen has plenty more dee-licious wines from Gold Country on the way.


Maybe he’ll give you early access to his latest *wink wink* — but you’ve got to follow his winemaker page to get on the list.








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