Lake County – Great wine from humble country

Published by Naked Ryan - 17th Mar 2017

The team got to do a cool roadtrip to Lake County, California to explore some of our winemakers’ investments up there. They brought back some really beautiful pictures that tell the story of Lake County better than simple words.

highway 29 sign to lake county

It’s just a short drive up from Napa

Lake County vineyards under a bright blue sky

Beautiful wine country, that at first resembles a lot of northern California

lake county vineyards with big tree in foreground and burn marks on ground

But the soils quickly change in the Red Hills on the foot of Mt Konocti


bendy mountain road in lake county

Bending mountain roads and high altitudes


A truly rural setting, the next photos take a look at the signs of civilization. This is agriculture country (ag country for short) and it doesn’t pretend to be a fancy tourist destination for rich San Franciscans.


great pyrenees sheep dog

Until you go into a winery, you might see more sheep dogs than people


horse strolling through lake county field

Not just dogs. This is definitely ag country.


red hills dirt in lake county

When you go out into the vineyards, the deep red soils in the Red Hills resemble the surface of a craggy alien planet


Clear Lake in Lake County

Where the Clear Lake meets the cerulean sky, there’s an impossibly bright blue that just wraps around you


Lake County vineyards at Laujor

The whole region feels dominated by these sharply contrasted colors


the side of the Mt Konocti growers' cooperative winery building with the name painted in big block lettering

The human influence of the farmers in Mt. Konocti seems restrained and quiet


The winemakers sort of blend into the background – none of the multimillion dollar wineries you see dotting highway 29 in Napa.


Clear Lake high water after the flooding and rains

And everywhere you look, there are signs of the beautifully wild natural setting pushing back. The Clear Lake rising well above its normal height after the heavy rains this winter.


Some trees damaged by the fires in Lake County

Some parts of the serene settings still show signs of fire damage from last year and the year before


close up of fire-damaged tree in Lake County

But even these trees show signs of regrowth and healing. Lake County is a living place


Kelseyville sign

And so it’s a riveting setting for “A friendly country town…”


Lake County and Clear Lake on a road map

We’re already planning our next trip to this historic wine region!