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The Second Annual Winemaker of the Year is…

We’re proud to announce the winners of the second annual Winemaker of the Year awards!

The campaign trail was very exciting. People made shirts and fliers for their favorite winemakers around the office, and we collected thousands and thousands of votes from Angels all around the country.

This year’s big title goes to:

Matt Parish, winemaker of the year!

And we’ve got even better news…

Thousands of Angels voted for their favorite winemaker of the year … every finalist received so much support, that we can commit to funding all THREE of their dream wines!

So there are lots of winners:

  • Matt Parish
  • Scott Kelley
  • Rick Boyer
  • and the ANGELS who get to drink their delicious wines

What will the winemakers make?

Nicole's awesome Matt Parish tshirt for winemaker of the year
Campaigning for Matt Parish around the office

Matt Parish – He’s got his eye on traveling the world. He recently alluded to a short trip to Spain which has my tastebuds tingling!

“Campaigning for something like this is not typically my thing but if a win affords me the opportunity to add another wine to my portfolio then here it – if you haven’t already please get on-line and vote for me!!!”
–Matt Parish, winemaker of the year reluctantly campaigning his way to victory!

Scott Kelley – I personally tasted through some samples of the white wines Scott has made in the past in Oregon, and they are out of control. There’s a bone dry Riesling that blew my mind and a lot of other great treats that I shouldn’t spoil. But get excited.

Oregon isn’t just for Pinot – especially in the beautiful Umpqua Valley. Scott makes rave review reds from the pacific northwest and I cannot wait to see the accolades he earns for his whites.

Rick Boyer tends to a vine
Rick Boyer is excited to show you around the Central Coast

Rick Boyer – There are two things you have to know about the next year for Naked Angels.

  1. The Central Coast has lots of nooks and crannies we need to explore. There are tons of interesting appellations to explore that can make everything from elegant Pinot Noir to spicy Syrah.
  2. The most qualified Central Coast winemaker, Rick Boyer is ready to take us around the region and show us what he can do. He’s been pleasing Angels ever since he launched his wines last year and he’s ready to kick it up a notch.

Get excited!

Winemaking takes time so you’ll have to be patient before these treasures are available on the site. But in the meantime, all three winemakers have wines coming out soon and you can sink your teeth into those wines as soon as they’re released by pre-ordering them.

You can also follow Matt Parish, Scott Kelley, and Rick Boyer on their winemaker pages to get updates from them about their projects.

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