How to find wines you’ll love

Published by Naked Ryan - 16th Feb 2017

Here are a few helpful tips for how to find wines you’ll love when you shop at

There are a lot of great wines on this site, but only some of them will be perfect for YOU and your palate. And because we only work with independent winemakers and wines made exclusively for Angels, you may not recognize your favorite labels or brand names.

Here are 8 ways to quickly scan hundreds of wines across this site – and find the ones you’ll love:

  1. Search for your favorite grape, region or winemaker. The search bar is great if you know what kind of wines you like. Type a grape variety like “Cabernet” and we’ll show you a bunch of wines with Cabernet in them. What’s more, there’s a cases tab that highlights premixed cases with Cab in them. There’s also a winemaker tab featuring the folks who make Cab! Oh and the system is smart enough to know nerdy wine stuff like that Syrah is the same as Shiraz.

  2. Get personal recommendations based on what you liked in your first case. Did you know we fine tune the entire website to your taste buds? It happens every time you give feedback about the wines you’ve tasted. Giving feedback is easy (takes one click, no fancy wine tasting notes required. Just tell us if you’d buy the wine again or not). With each rating, our recommendations get more accurate. So you’re more likely to love every single wine you buy.

  3. Discover the most popular wines on the site. We’ve got literally millions of customer ratings so you can see which wines are most popular according to real wine drinkers like you. You can sort any search results to see the highest rated wines first. And you can mouse over the ratings percentage to see if a wine has consistently pleased Angels for many years.

  4. Filter your searches to find wines you really want. You can use filters to hone in on a specific price range, only see reds or whites, or even use advanced filters to only see recently released wines or low stock wines. For example, here’s a filtered search for the newest red wines between $10 and $15.

  5. Get advice from your very own personal wine advisor. As an Angel, you have your own personal wine advisor who can help you pick out the best wines on the site. They’ve tasted every single wine and know the stories behind each winemaker so they’re fully equipped to help you get wines suited for your palate. If you’re ever unsure of what to get (or you’re just too busy) email and ask for your personal wine advisor to put a case together for you.

  6. See wines from your recent orders. Your Naked Me has a convenient list of your recent orders you’ve ever placed with quick links to every wine. You can rate, review and re-order wines right there!

  7. Use your wishlist to know when wines are back in stock. If you find a wine you like but it’s not in stock, you can add it to your wishlist. When a new vintage comes back in stock, we’ll email you to let you know your wish has come true!

  8. And just for laughs… here’s some funny advice on how to pick the perfect bottle of wine!!!

ken deis napa reserve cabernet with a numbered label

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