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100,000 Angels in the USA!

WOOHOO! There are now 100,000 Angels in the USA!

You can now connect to 100k other wine drinkers, millions of reviews and a whole army of amazing winemakers who are making wine just for you. Now that we have 100,000 Angels, we can fund dozens and dozens of exciting new wines made just for you.

The bigger this community gets, the more variety and diversity we have so you can discover even more wines that you’ll love to drink.

Have I told you how important you are? I don’t say it enough…

Over the holidays, we’ve given you two extra gift bottles on top of your Angel sample when you ordered the Holiday Thank You case…then we gave everybody Magnums if they ordered any 12 bottles (or a Blanc de Blancs if you were in a state where we couldn’t ship giant bottles of wine). And there are more surprises in store because we want to treat you right!

After all, you’re the game changer around here.

It’s been 4 years since we all started investing in winemakers together. It was a long shot to fund winemakers you’d never met (and wines you’d never tasted)…

But you gave them a chance, fell in love with their wines, embraced a crowd-funded winery… and made us unstoppable. All of this — 150 world-class winemakers, 319 exclusive wines with over 3,000,000 ratings between them — exists because of your leap of faith. You turned a handful of winemakers, staff and fellow Angels into a one-of-a-kind community.

Your support has done extraordinary things

In 2016 alone, you’ve made 261 passion projects a reality, brought 13 brand-new winemakers aboard and gave 3 winemakers — Rumi, Sean and Jim — their ultimate Winemaker Fantasy, complete with $100,000 each to make the wine of their dreams.

You gave famous winemakers like Rick Boyer and Keith Hock the first chance to ever put their name on a label — and others their first real shot at the winemaking game.

You even helped rescue Spanish winemaker Antonio Diez Martin from sure ruin after he lost half his vintage in a lightning strike!

…truthfully, I think the fun is just beginning.

Now that we’re 100,000 Angels strong… think what we’ll accomplish

Come 2017, we can make more possible than ever before:

  • Next harvest, you’ll meet new winemakers like Sharon Weeks and David Marchesi
  • You’ll discover new varietals, like Bulgarian Melnik and White Barbera
  • Regions like Santa Rita and Columbia Valley will become your favorites
  • And they’ll be plenty of new vintages from old favorites (just wait until you try Ken’s latest Napa Cabernet)…

Your support means the world to me. But it means the most to your winemakers. Every time you shared a bottle with a friend or told someone about being an Angel, you were making this happen. None of it (including hitting a major Angel milestone!) would be possible without your support.

One day everyone will buy wine this way

I know that your winemakers will be toasting to you this Christmas and hoping you have a good one. And I hope you enjoy some extra time relaxing with your friends and family, sharing the wines you made possible.

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