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Why is Champagne expensive? Is it really so special?

If you’re anything like me, you’ve asked this question before – What’s so special about Champagne?

No doubt, you can enjoy all sparkling wines without knowing how they’re made.

…But when you know – really know- Champagne, you’ll fall in love.

Especially because Angels fund authentic, bona fide, top-tier Champagne… and the man born to make it.

That *pop*… that tingle on your tongue… that touch of honey? It’s all part of a centuries-guarded recipe

The world’s Champagne all hails from a small region about 100 miles north of Paris. To say its five districts are protected is a bit soft – the region (and its traditions) have been defended for centuries. Champagne is only Champagne if it’s grown in… Champagne. End of story. And that’s just the beginning of its story.

There’s a reason Frenchmen have waged battle on behalf of this wine – it’s bathed in history. They’ve used it to crown pretty much every king since Clovis and bless ships for hundreds of years, and all that time, it’s had the same scintillating character that combines a creamy richness with a surprising, sparkling freshness and toe-tingling finish…

There are rules for everything behind an authentic bottle of Champagne: From how grapes that are sourced, (Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and Pinot Meunier) to how it’s harvested, how it’s pressed…there’s even guidelines for how many times the protective cage twists around the cork (6). And every Champagne is subject to rigorous trials at the hands of other Champagne-makers (the CIVC is a trade organization that inspects every bottling of Champagne – tough job).

When it comes down to it, while there’s loads of sparkling wines out on the market… there’s really only kind of legendary bubbly. Champagne makes sure of it.

Jean Philippe’s Champagne is from the same famous tiny village as the world’s top Champagne

jp-moulin in the winery in vertus
JP Moulin in the winery in Vertus, Champagne

And then there’s Jean Philippe. You know him for his Moulin Champagne – the world knows him for Ruinart, Mumm, Baron de Rothschild, and other (expensive) legends. The fruit for JP’s vintage Champagne comes from a tiny village called Vertus, a Premier Cru in the iconic Cote des Blancs. This part of Champagne makes the most ageable sparkling wines in the region, famous for perfect Chardonnays with effortless texture, richness, and longevity.

Only the perfect Chardonnay vineyards can get the balance between high acidity,  truly ripe fruit and richness – all required for an ageable vintage Champagne.

These vineyards belong to somebody very, very, well-connected in Champagne. We can’t even tell you the name, but we can tell you who tastes its fruit…

You. Because it’s those exact vineyards where your Angel-funded winemaker, JP Moulin, harvested his 2005 and 2006 vintage Brut.

Moulin Champagne is a testament to how important Angels are in the wine business

As an Angel, you enjoy exclusive access to the most prestigious and expensive wine in the world: cellared, vintage Champagne from a premier cru. This wine spent more than 7 years aging in bottle before being disgorged for this special Angel-exclusive release.

It tastes so clean and fresh, you’ll hardly believe it’s over 10 years old. But that’s the magic of Vertus and Moulin Champagne. It takes time for these rich flavors to integrate and harmonize, but the result is a wine that is aged and rich, but eternally youthful.

And wine like JP Moulin’s Vintage 2005 Champagne normally costs an arm and a leg. Google vintage Champagne from 2005. Expensive stuff upwards of $100+. But Angels get it for less than $50. And because you’re supporting JP more each year, we can take a lot of the risk out of this very expensive style of winemaking. That’s why we’re able to offer the 2006 vintage Moulin for even less!

What’s more, you have a friend in the wine business who can explain what makes this wine so special and delicious… Jean Philippe, your champion in Champagne.

So this new year, treat yourself to something extra special – every sip of JP Moulin’s wine is a treasure and you’ll bring in 2017 in style!

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