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The most exclusive Napa Cabernet Angels ever funded just sold out in 6 days

Ken Deis released a collector’s edition of his Reserve Napa Cabernet — and it sold out in six days…

Only 300 cases were ever made of Ken’s 2014 Reserve Cabernet

You funded Ken to make Cab from the iconic vineyards that gave Napa its unbeatable reputation… and his face has been plastered with a grin since harvest. He told me himself: “It’s the best Cabernet I’ve ever made for Angels.”

Angels got first dibs on Ken’s best Cabernet in eight years

ken deis napa reserve cabernet with a numbered label
Every bottle has a unique edition number gorgeously printed on the label

To mark his favorite vintage in Naked History, he went and labeled every single bottle with an individual edition number. Angel exclusivity has never been so sweet…

Angels gave Ken the chance to harvest Cab from a teeny tiny Napa town, world-famous for its dirt.

I’m not even kidding — Rutherford grows absolutely incredible Cabernet vines — and its soil has a nickname: “Rutherford dust.” With a rocky and hot climate producing super concentrated, ripe and rich berries, a sprinkle of its magic has made countless 100-point (and $250+) cult Cabs. It’s the region that put Napa Cab on the map — and Ken knew you deserved an exclusive taste.

Angels who follow Ken got a 72 hour head start

On Cyber Monday, our most exclusive Rutherford Reserve (Ken’s most expensive Napa Cabernet) to date was released to all of our customers in The Ultimate Upgrades Case. But we gave a Friday sneak peek (and exclusive access to Ken’s Cab!) to Angels who follow Ken Deis on our site and folks who support him by ordering and rating his wine.

We put a limit on how many bottles any one person could buy. Just 3 Reserve Cabernets allowed, per Angel. We had to put a limit on them, to protect them from the hoardes of thirsty Angels…

This Napa Cabernet sold out in less than 6 days!

We can’t believe it. Angels snapped up every last bottle on the east coast and are clamoring for more. There are literally less than 50 bottles left in California and those will surely go before the end of today.

It’s great to see customers go gaga for Ken’s delicious Napa Cabernet and we hope to fund a lot more passion projects like this one.

ken deis napa reserve Cab bottle with numbered label in front of a pile of gold coins
I got bottle 3529! What number did YOU get?


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