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Ordering wine in Pennsylvania

For the first time since 1920, you can order wine in Pennsylvania and have it shipped to your home!


I have some good news for freedom-loving wine drinkers everywhere — the wine shipping laws for Pennsylvania have changed – and we will now ship directly to homes, workplaces, and designated FedEx location for convenient pickup. Woohoo!

This is the free-est it’s been since 1920 (when Prohibition started). Directly after Prohibition, Pennsylvania formed the PLCB (Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board) which has maintained a bit of a monopoly on shipping.

We’ve been shipping to Pennsylvania for several months now but customers had to go pick their wine up at PLCB stores and pay an 18% emergency tax. And there was a max of 12 bottles per order that you couldn’t exceed.

Now that we can ship directly, there’s no more mandatory PLCB trips — and that means no more 18% emergency tax. More money for wine! So Pennsylvanians can go ahead and get 15 bottles – now that the per order volume limit is gone.

a case of wine photographed from above
You can get this lovely case of wine delivered to your door in Pennsylvania

There aren’t too many wineries around that can make this happen

We’re on the cutting edge with this update — and one of the few wine sites that make shipping exclusive wines to you this easy. The full list is available on Pennsylvania’s handy website.

And if you really loved picking your wine up at a convenient location, you can have it delivered to a FedEx store instead of the PLCB.


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Hannah Stout
Hannah Stout
3 years ago

Hi Naked Wines! any word on when Pennsylvanians will be able to order the ports/fortifieds? i would fill a basket with just Quevedo ports if i could! 🙁

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