Everybody should be able to enjoy Napa Cab

Matt had a dream to make Napa Cab that everybody could enjoy

Only a winemaker funded by Angels could make a Napa Cab that tastes this good and costs so little

Angel funding gave Matt the power to make the perfect Napa Cab. Big, concentrated ripe fruit and dense with flavor… yum.

It’s the kind of wine that feels like a whole meal and yet it’s so silky smooth and easy to drink. But don’t take my word for it! Over 95% of Angels said they would buy it again.

So how does a wine made with expensive Napa fruit get to be so delicious and popular, but cost less than $20? How is that even possible?!

The key is freeing a winemaker to break all the rules

Matt had the audacity to make a Napa Cab that everybody can afford to drink. While the rest of the wine industry wants to push Napa prices higher, Matt wants to make it accessible to everybody.

The big famous wine brands that he worked for thought the only way to make zillions of dollars was to gouge their customers with constant price hikes because expensive wine must be good wine *groan*.

Our Angels know better – it’s the wine inside the bottle that counts… not the price tag!

His is the people’s Cab

Matt used his years of experience to carefully interpret hundreds of thousands of reviews where customers are telling us what they love to drink.

He tracked down the best fruit to make a wine he knew would be a hit. That meant finding nice warm vineyards where he can extract ripe, fruit sweetness and hints of caramel and smoke (from the oak, not the fruit of course) to produce wine for Angels, not for snobs. These are aromas and flavors that people love.

Perfect but inexpensive, full of smoothness and deep fruit flavors, with a bit of roasty toasty flavor from gentle oak aging. Yum!

You let Matt make Napa Cab the way it should be – deeee-licious

Thanks to your support, Matt was free to follow his hunch and make a wine that strives to be yummy instead of striving to be expensive.

And because the wine is affordable, Angels love it, and Matt gets to make it again and again. That’s the Naked magic!

At the time of posting this, there’s a special pre-order for just $10 down
As a reader of this blog, you can reserve your allocation right away for just $10 down (if you’re an Angel).

We’ll only charge the remaining $97.94 ($187.89 if you reserve a whole case) when the wine is ready to ship on or around May 26th. And you can cancel at any time before we ship the wine and get your $10 back if you change your mind.

Normally, these pre-orders are reserved for Angels who have rated Matt’s wines or followed him. So I hope you appreciate this thank you for our blog readers. And if you’re not already, please consider subscribing to email updates from the blog with the form at the bottom of this page.

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Tom Blakely
Tom Blakely
6 years ago

New order.
We will see where this goes.

Artem Arutyunyan
Artem Arutyunyan
6 years ago

I am very passionate about wine. This seems like an interesting way of getting involved in something new, there is literally zero risk in anything you do online simply because if you don’t like something you’re u don’t have to stay. I just ordered me and my wife are wine connoisseurs, so We would evaluate each wine and let you know what we think about it. Hopefully it’s worth my time.

Dean Freer
Dean Freer
5 years ago

New Customer

Christy, Naked Narrator
Reply to  Dean Freer

Welcome to the family!

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