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Naked News Roundup January 2016

If you’re a Naked fan, then you’re likely to enjoy these wine articles:

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Prince of Pinot reviews Angel-funded Pinot Noir – Prince of Pinot tastes through a lot of our wines and declares “AMAZING value in every wine,” especially Jacqueline Bahue’s Sta. Rita Hills Pinot Noir. Full reviews published in the January edition of the PinotFile. We’re honored as Rusty has been writing about Pinot online since longer than just about anybody!

Wine industry expense accounts – The California wine industry’s biggest bash of the year, Unified, just happened again in Sac. As usual, the restaurants, bars and hotels were full of suppliers and vendors with phat expense accounts. “They were definitely indulging,” said the executive chef at Grange Restaurant & Bar in Sacramento.

Tom Shula’s gold medal win shows that Angels are discovering new talent and changing the wine world – We’re very proud of our recent showing at the SF Chronicle wine competition where many Angel-funded wines took gold medals, double gold medals and various other honors. Of particular note was Tom Shula, the amateur home winemaker who Angels funded to make his dream wines. We all knew he was a bombshell winemaker, but getting this external recognition from the SF Chron is a big endorsement from the traditional wine world. Our Angels aren’t just funding fringe wine projects – our winemakers are standing toe to toe with the big historic brands like BV, Grgich, and Cakebread!

The crazy decision we had to make when we almost ran out of wine – As many of our Angels remember, we almost ran out of wine last year. Selection was sparse, especially in states with more restrictive laws that only allow us to send some of our domestic wines direct to consumer. We were growing so quickly, that the range of wines available to older loyal customers was faltering. And that was a problem. This is the article about the decision making

Those darned marketers charge women more for the same products as men – This has nothing to do with wine, but if you love us, you probably hate marketing hype. Well, this report showed how supermarket shoppers were being charged differently for the same or equivalent products. A plastic razor for ladies costs more than the same plastic razor for dudes. Ridiculous!

Italian is awesome – We are very lucky to get coverage in a variety of press publications. And I never get tired of hearing how our Angels are changing the world. ESPECIALLY when I get to hear that story in a beautiful language like Italian. Actually a great article about crowdfunding platforms in food and wine if you want to pass it through google translate.

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8 years ago

Well, we all know pink costs more to produce. WHAT?! I just finished making a comment on NakedWines Wine ‘N Dine regarding how much I’ve learned on the site — and it hasn’t all been about wine. Thanks for this eye opener, Ryan. And, great job, NW winemakers. But, we already knew they were good. 0:)

Poor Robert
8 years ago

I love this format Ryan and the linked deep content really helps as you can skip articles (I promise I read them all) of little interest if you like and dig into others.

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