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Not for Cork-Sniffers

no-cork-sniffers-bannerWhen you order a bottle of wine at a restaurant, and the waiter presents the cork to you…

If you sniff the cork, then Naked is probably NOT for you…

Because sniffing the cork is about appearances (people think it’s what they’re supposed to do). But there’s no substance–you don’t learn anything from smelling the cork.*

If you think cork-sniffing is a bit silly, then read on…

Naked drinkers believe in enjoying great wine without putting on pretentious airs.

Instead of sniffing corks, we believe:

  1. Great wine should be an everyday pleasure, not an elite privilege
  2. You shouldn’t overpay for marketing hype, fancy packaging, and other snobbery
  3. The wine business wastes too much money on middlemen, critics and gatekeepers
  4. The best wine comes from small, passionate winemakers doing what they love
  5. It’s possible to create a win-win deal that’s good for us, good for winemakers, and good for wine drinkers like YOU

If you’re not a cork-sniffer, click here to find out how Naked works.

There are tens of thousands of wine drinkers just like you who roll their eyes when somebody starts sniffing the cork.

And they’ve all joined together to support independent winemakers, funding their wines in exchange for exclusive access and insider prices.

There’s a bit of a waiting list to become an Angel (because we only let people in when there are new wines and winemakers ready to launch their wines), but you can already become a part of this movement by putting your name on the waiting list today.

*If the wine is super-corked then sometimes the cork will smell too, but I’d recommend smelling the wine instead. If the wine is corked (or reduced or has any other technical problems) you can detect it much more reliably by smelling the wine than by smelling the cork. Only smell the cork if you plan on eating the cork.

For more tips on how to enjoy wine without any of the BS, please subscribe to this blog.

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8 years ago

Okay Ryan — Even if there is no purpose in smelling a cork, in the privacy of our own homes, some of the Naked Host of Angels still enjoy the aroma of a well soaked old bottle cork. Yes habit is probably part of it, but smelling corks does not make you a wine snob, just weird.

Naked Ryan
8 years ago
Reply to  rminto

Haha, fair enough! I agree I do some odd things in the privacy of my own home that I try not to subject my waiter to :)))

John Capon
John Capon
5 years ago

Hi, sorry, if its a screw top it won’t and can’t be corked. If it has a natural Cork, sniffing it will instantly inform you if the wine is corked, that is, the wine has reacted to bacteria in the Cork rendering the wine undrinkable to anyone that has a imply Cork sniffing is snobbery or useless is simply incorrect.

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