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Wayne Donaldson sparkling wine update

The much-anticipated release of Wayne Donaldson’s wine is being delayed an eensy bit so that Wayne can maintain the impeccable quality of his bubbly.

Wayne gets the freedom to focus on quality

Quality is Wayne’s #1 priority, and that’s why we agree whole-heartedly with Wayne about delaying bottling.

This has an unfortunate impact because it means his sparkling rose won’t be available for New Year’s when Americans consume more sparkling wine than the rest of the year combined (I can’t find any data on this, but it sure seems true at the parties I go to!)

It’s worth mentioning that a normal wine company would never let this happen. Miss New Years sales? Are you crazy?! But we are crazy (about quality!) And we know the Angels who fund Wayne’s wine appreciate that dedication.


The full update on Wayne’s sparkling:

Hi Everyone.

I’m really very appreciative of the enthusiasm around the W.Donaldson Rose. So here is what’s going on. For those of you that have been following the saga I have not been satisfied with the way the wine has riddled down, getting those dead yeast out of the bottle can be challenging sometimes and my only motivation is to ensure the wine 110% ready for release. But that is what the process of Methode Champenoise is all about. My team of expert riddlers are working diligently to make this happen turning each bottle twice a day.

Unfortunately, I don’t think the wine will be ready for the holiday’s but we are planning a big launch for Valentines Day.

I’m really sorry but want to make sure you really enjoy the wine and it’s tiny bubbles.

Thanks again for all your support it truly means the world to me and my family.

donaldson rose cutoutGet more updates direct from Wayne by following him.

As Wayne says, it’ll be out in time for Valentine’s Day (a great day for pink bubbles!)

And as one of our Angels says in the thread, “Perfection is worth the wait!”

And in the meantime:

You can still order Eponina (brut) and Wayne’s Blanc de Blanc as well as a brand new Eponina Lush (demi-sec).

And we’ve got a sparkling new surprise on the horizon too. 🙂

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Kent Reynolds
8 years ago

Wayne’s Sparkling Rose is also great for Mother’s Day brunch!

8 years ago

And, let us not forget Easter brunch. Brunch and bubbles … a match made in Heaven.

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