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Naked News Round-up

If you’re a Naked fan, then you’re likely to enjoy these wine articles:

Marlborough wine making a difference in Vanuatu – Bill & Claudia Small, asked Naked Angels to fund a special Vanuatu relief wine to help communities that were still struggling after the devastation of Cyclone Pam. This is just a heart-warming story

Why Record Prosecco Supply Won’t Make Your Wine Cheaper – Wow, Prosecco demand is off the charts. This is reflected in our own customer base too and a topic I am excited to explore more in a future post. But basically: wow. Prosecco production was up over 50% this past year with a real bumper crop, but that’s just enough to keep up with rising demand from export markets. The next time they have a low yield year or even an average crop, expect importers to start knife-fighting for a piece of the action. I remember Matt Parish talking to me about this over a year ago and I thought he was exaggerating, but now he looks like a genius – more on that later.

Penfolds Grange pricing and the effects of El Nino/La Nina – This is a little industry-savvy so it might be tough to read for most wine drinkers, but there are some real pearls in here about how a famous wine is priced, the bind it’s put in when a prominent wine figure says “The 2011 Grange is a very ordinary wine and they haven’t moved on pricing. … It feels to me, if you’ll excuse the language, that Penfolds are taking the piss.” And it features a bit of catfight drama between some very big Aussie wine names so it’s the kind of thing I break out buttered popcorn for, sit back and enjoy. Jefford, as always, makes some very intelligent points.

Wine Industry Disruption Explored in New Business Case on Crowd Funding – a business school case study about, it’s a bit scholarly but has some juicy details about where we were at a couple years ago.

New York is even more obsessed with rosé than you thought – we dug through our data and found some really interesting facts about NYC wine drinkers.

Now and Zin covers – and how we’re different than other wine clubs, there’s some good stuff in here about Tomas Buendia as well, our newest Angel-funded Spanish winemaker

Champagne winemaker JP Moulin
Champagne winemaker JP Moulin does have an excellent memory

Can Drinking Champagne Every Day Help Prevent Alzheimer’s? – This “news” is whizzing around the Internet and giving everybody the excuse we so desperately needed to drink more Champagne. Unfortunately, this is not new research (it was conducted at the University of Reading a couple years ago)… it’s just old research with a viral new headline (that is decidely sexier than the original research report named “Phenolic Acid Intake, Delivered Via Moderate Champagne Wine Consumption, Improves Spatial Working Memory Via the Modulation of Hippocampal and Cortical Protein Expression/Activation” Sorry to be a killjoy, but the NHS also says that the research doesn’t really point to the conclusion that drinking loads of Champagne is good for your brain (unless you’re a lab rat, and even then … ).

On the other hand, there are still three great reasons to drink champagne every day:

  1. It’s delicious
  2. It’s delicious
  3. It’s delicious


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