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We made 3 promises to our customers

Last July, we asked our Angel customers what they wanted us to focus on this year. And then we promised to do those things.

The three winners were:

  • More killer wines under $10 Angel price
  • More hidden gems that you wouldn’t discover without our help
  • Updates when your favorite wines are back in stock, running out or being funded again.

Why did we ask our customers how to run our business?

Our Angels aren’t just wine shoppers – they are the lifeblood of our company. Without their support, our winemakers wouldn’t be able to make their wines and we wouldn’t be able to run this company. So Angels should feel like they’re really involved in everything. Even business decisions!

So rather than sit around in a board room trying to figure out what we can do to make customers happy (that’s not the naked way to do things), we just asked our customers!

The original letter asking customers to vote:

Naked’s got a new boss… it’s you!

Naked couldn’t exist without you, and we want you to tell us where we go next.

We’re going to let you call the shots a lot more. On our wines, winemakers, customer service, the whole shebang. We’ve told you that you’re the boss before, but lets chisel this in stone!

We want to kick off by launching a set of Naked Promises, to help us focus on the things that are most important to you.

All your feedback, posts, polls and calls to Customer Happiness have been heard… and we now have a list of 10 things we think you’re passionate about.

So please look through the list of promises below and vote for your top three.

Choose the 3 promises that you want us to make to you.

  • We’ll fund 3 projects outside of CA (in the USA)
  • We’ll tell you when your favorite wines are back in stock, selling out, or being funded again
  • We’ll tell you one amazing story a month about your winemakers and their wines so you get to know them more and develop a real relationship
  • We’ll make better, smarter wine recommendations
  • We’ll invest in at least 5 new seriously impressive top shelf wines
  • We’ll teach you more about wine… the Naked way (with real winemakers)
  • We’ll always have at least 3 killer wines under $10 Angel Price in stock
  • We’ll provide such great service that our Customer Happiness Team wins an award
  • We’ll uncover 10 hidden gems that you would’ve never discovered otherwise
  • We’ll find more ways to get your wine delivered when you want it so you don’t have to stay at home all day waiting for the delivery guy

Why are we doing this?

For us it’s a no-brainer. Angels are the most loyal customers on the planet. Without your investment in our winemakers and wines there’d be no Naked, so we need to deliver more of the stuff that keeps you happy.

Once you’ve cast your votes we’ll get back to you with a plan of action. We’ll tell you how and when we’re going to deliver the Promises, then get cracking.

So get voting and send us your wish list.
When we know what you want we’ll bust a gut to make it all happen as soon as we can.

Rowan, Founder

We loved this project

The email generated thousands of votes and hundreds of replies. Customers loved having a say in how we run the company.

It was great feedback and we will surely do more votes like this with our Angels.

It was also useful because we know exactly what matters to our customers, and we realized we missed one or two things that people are quite passionate about – for example, people are thirsty for organic wines. Good to know for the next time we run a big poll like this.

If you want to help us run the company, put your name on the waiting list to be an Angel. Once you’re in, you’ll get to vote on important topics like what the company focuses on for the year, which winemakers deserve more funding, and where we should bring the Naked Tour Bus next year!

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Kent Reynolds
8 years ago

Reblogged this on Appetite for Wine and commented:
How many companies do you know that ask for customer input, then actually use the results to improve the business? I know of one. Read about it here.


[…] customers made us promise to find more hidden gems for our Angels, special wines that are a bit off the beaten path and taste like a hundred […]


[…] customers made us promise to find more hidden gems for our Angels, special wines that are a bit off the beaten path and taste like a hundred […]

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