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The Napa Cab Industry Challenge

Do you help everyday wine drinkers enjoy world-class Napa Cab – for $25 or less?

If so, join our industry challenge… and help us change wine pricing for good! Eligibility rules below.

Here’s the ugly truth – Huge wine markups are unfair… and completely avoidable
Have you ever wondered who decides which wines cost a fortune – and why? Like Napa Valley Cabernet – who decided it should cost $40, $60… even $100 a bottle?!

Truth be told, those shockingly inflated prices are markups decided by retailers, wholesalers, even the wine regions themselves – all dead-set on keeping the wine’s prestige and demand high.

In the end, that means thousands of wine drinkers pay double, even triple the price just because the industry demands it – and it’s such a waste, because none of that extra money has anything to do with the quality of wine inside the bottle.

But we know there are wineries out there like us selling world-class wines for a fair price
With the help of Angel funding, funds talented independent winemakers directly, with no middlemen or marketing getting in the way.

That’s how Napa legends like Ken Deis can produce top-dollar Napa Cabernet for way less – and now it’s under $25.

Thanks to Angels, we’ve been able to scale up Ken’s program from just a few barrels to 63,000 bottles per year! That meant we had room in the margins, so this May, we officially dropped the price…

from $27.99…
to $22.99!

If your Napa Cab is stripped of the markups – just like Ken’s – we want to hear from you.

In fact, we want to promote you on the blog!

If your Napa Cab is stripped of the markups – just like Ken’s – we want to hear from you. In fact, we want to help promote it!

Your wine can be featured if:


1) You must be a winery/producer outside of that offers Napa Cabernet with a customer sale price of $25 or lower

…what do we mean by Napa? Specifically, wines produced from grapes within the Napa Valley AVA

2) …and you must be willing to publish details about the vineyard it comes from

3) That price can’t be a temporary price cut, promotion, or part of a case discount, bulk discount, or club discount

be prepared to show that your wine was priced under $25 as of April 1, 2019

4) The wine has to be made by an independent winemaker

…what do we mean by “independent winemaker?” A winemaker that works for themselves, not for a bulk producer, private label company or large corporation – this means no private label or bulk projects are eligible

5) And the winery/producer must vint & produce it themselves (no resellers)

6) You have to have at least 50 cases available

If you meet all these requirements, you can be featured on blog – and website! – through the month of May.
*Note – features can include quotes, photos and links to your website and/or wine. We won’t sell your product on our site. That part, we leave to you.

Ready to play? Tweet us @nakedwinescom – and tell us about your wine!
And thanks for doing right by wine drinkers around the world.

– Your friends at

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