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Angels turbo charged this Sonoma Cabernet with over $75,000

Angels loved Sarah & Ana’s Cab last year. Over 3800 people gave it a thumbs up

Sara and Anna
Beaming with pride for their brand new souped up Cab!

And what’s not to love? Those two top notch winemakers crafted a beautiful, intense Cabernet. It was fresh and pure and I could polish off a whole bottle with a juicy steak dinner and still be thirsty for more!

So we invested another $75k of your money this year to make it even better.
We told Sarah & Ana to pull out all the stops. Just to illustrate what that means to a winemaker…

The vineyards were hand-harvested at night. Dozens of people with head lamps strapped to their foreheads picking fruit in the dead of night because that’s when the temperature drops (up to 50 degrees!) and you can bring the fruit in cold. That’s a very expensive process, but you don’t buy grapes this good and bring them in baking under the midday sun. Or else the grapes basically cook in the Californian sun and lose all that lavish fruitiness that makes the wine so yummy.

That’s actually why Sarah & Ana used big expensive cooling tanks at the winery to keep the fruit cold for three days. You see, the juice draws a lot of qualities from the skin and seeds right after you pick the grapes. And when you do this cold, you get totally different flavors than when you do it warm. This intensifies the fruit and aroma of the wine while keeping it fresh and avoiding some of the harsher qualities that are extracted in a warmer fermentation.

After fermentation, the wine mellows out for 10 months, aging in pricey French oak barrels. One third of the wine goes into brand NEW oak which cost over $1200 a barrel and only fit about 300 bottles each. Sheesh!

That’s what happens when you give passionate winemakers a blank check.

That’s why it’s the free sample bottle for Angels this month.

Everybody should get to taste how much better a wine gets when talented winemakers are given a little more leeway with their winemaking. Good job, Angels!

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Karen S
Karen S
9 years ago

I’m so excited about their new release! And thrilled to read your story Ryan!

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