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Wine Tasting Tour – The Truth about San Fran

Oh my god. We just wrapped up an amazing tasting at Fort Mason in San Francisco. The crowd blew me away. Here’s some of my favorite moments.

There are sooo many of you!

There were throngs of people surrounding every winemaker, glasses clinking, lips stained red, teeth starting to look a tiny bit purple. People had fun.


I believe we had about 300 tickets sold and everybody showed up ready to taste. I was stationed at the French wine table pouring my family’s O’MG and a wine from my old neighbor Ben Darnault. The Villebois clan was to my right pouring their Loire and Bordeaux wines. We ran out of every last drop from every bottle. San Fran drank the French tables dry. Congrats, SF. I’ve never seen that happen before in 10 years of doing tastings.

I also invented the Bottle Cam

It’s a little rudimentary for now, but I stuck a go pro to a bottle. I’ll tweak it up a little more for tonight and see how the footage comes out — but it looks like a fantastic way to strap a camera to the life of the party: the vino.

still shot from the first trial of the bottle cam

And the weather is beauuutiful

vista of San Fran from holiday inn hotel 26th floor
Beautiful, clear, sunny day in SF

San Fran has rolled out the red carpet. With the heatwave around California, SF is a balmy 75 degrees. Perfect weather. After the tasting let out, we had a great meal paired with all the wonderful leftover bottles from the tasting and then set out to paint the town. We had an absolute blast.

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10 years ago

Sounds like great fun and making me a little home sick! San Fran was once my homestead!

Karen S
Karen S
10 years ago

Ryan I love it! Really, really wish we could be there but your pictures and updates help. And I’m not at all surprised by the great reception!

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